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Event Type: Webinar

Jobvite Engage – Social Media Boost (Customers Only)

From 9:00 - 10:00 am PT

Candidates are constantly changing the way that they engage with potential employers. Marketing your jobs in the places that candidates are spending their online time will make sure you are casting the widest net possible. Posting jobs to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook bring the jobs to the people vs. forcing them to come to your career site in order to see your open jobs.

In this training you’ll learn best practices we've developed from working strategically with thousands of talent acquisition programs globally. This session is perfect for recruiters, managers, admins, directors, and executives to attend.

Please Note: This training session will focus on the use of Jobvite Engage; current Jobvite customers who do not have Engage are also welcome to enroll.

If you are not yet a Jobvite Customer and would like a demo of the Jobvite Engage product, please contact us as . Thank you!


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