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At Jobvite, we have a set of values that guide absolutely everything we do—from our personal interactions and customer support to our product development and innovation. Our #1 value is Customers Matter Most. More than our products. More than our financials. Our entire company understands that without the success of our customers, we have nothing.

That’s why, as the leader of our Customer Success team, I’m especially proud of our tenacious response to our DNS incident. Although the issue that caused the disruption was immediately corrected, our support teams did not rest until all our customers were back online.

And make no mistake: we used this incident as a learning experience. Six months ago, you told us that better communication was vital to ensuring superior service. You wanted in-bound phone support—so we delivered it. This new service was first delivered to customers who attended our annual customer conference, Jobvite Summit 2013. The phone support team was in place to help customers during the DNS incident. We then asked ourselves how we might further improve our communication to be certain that we have you covered from every angle.

We came up with four answers:

1)     We launched the Jobvite System Status site, dedicated to providing you with notifications regarding maintenance or system-access issues.
2)     We started a new Twitter account, @JobviteCares, to provide both customers and job seekers with a quick and easy way to ask questions and get answers.
3)     We added email support to our offering. Sending an email to automatically creates a support case from the convenience of your e-mail client without visiting the web and get the answers you need to keep your recruiting moving.
4)     We enhanced our service offering to include Dedicated Account Management for those customers who want a more personal relationship with us to achieve a deeper level of engagement.

These new support channels—along with our phone support (855-315-HIRE), web support, and online customer community—provide Jobvite customers with comprehensive options for sharing experiences, delivering feedback, and solving challenges.

I know a lot of companies talk the talk when it comes to values and customer service. But in my many years as an employee and an executive, I have never worked with a group so dedicated to walking the talk. Jobvite truly appreciates each and every customer, and we are dedicated to supporting your success through any and every channel possible. If you have any additional insight to provide, we want to hear it. We listen, and we respond—because we value our relationships and we thrive only with your success.

I look forward to continuing a dialogue with you. Please feel free to share your comments or questions below.

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