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2022 is Here – Do You Have the Right Plans in Place for a Successful Year?

January 25, 2022 at 2:00pm ET

Ready or not, 2022 is here. And it’s still a super-difficult hiring market. Join us for a panel discussion to hear how successful TA leaders have built strategies and plans for 2022 to improve the candidate experience, meet changing demands, and prepare their companies for success. During this panel discussion we will learn:

  • How to build a strategy to meet ambitious 2022 hiring goals
  • Tools and processes needed to create the best experience for the candidate
  • How successful TA leaders are using agility to adapt to industry trends

Peggy Anderson, Head of Talent Acquisition at Shutterfly, Kristal Shropshire, Director of Talent Acquisition at Achievement Network, Josh Jones, Head of Talent Acquisition at Jobvite, and Kerry Gilliam, VP of Marketing at Jobvite, will share with us their strategies, plans, and how they will drive recruiting success in 2022.

Featured Speakers

Peggy Anderson
Head of Talent Acquisition

Kristal Shropshire
Director of Talent Acquisition
Achievement Network

Josh Jones
Head of Talent Acquisition

Kerry Gilliam
VP of Marketing