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Workbook: Improve Your Recruitment ROI in 2021

Build an ongoing case for technology investments in recruiting

Understand ROI's value to your recruitment program for 2021

With talent acquisition being held more accountable to overall business success, reporting on metrics such as return on investment (ROI) is critical. Yet, we’ve found that some talent teams shy away from it for technology decision-making due to common misconceptions.

This workbook will help you ground your thinking about ROI by:

  • Explaining the importance of ROI reporting
  • Evaluating the state of your current TA technology
  • Brainstorming cost vs. benefit
  • Preparing a key stakeholder analysis

Download the workbook today to start reporting on the value of recruiting technology investments, and be sure to check out our accompanying workshop, 21 Minutes to Improve Your Recruitment ROI in 2021 for important context on how to best utilize this workbook.