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Two Talented Tuesday: Using Automation to Navigate High Applications per Req

Tuesday, June 22 at 2 PM ET

During The Summer to Evolve: Road Trip, Two Talented Tuesday is every Tuesday and includes moderated conversations between one talent acquisition analyst or influencer and one talent acquisition practitioner.

Sourcing, screening, scheduling – it all takes too much time. You want to spend your time connecting with potential hires, not crossing off candidates that don’t have the skills you’re looking for. Kevin Grossman, President and Board Member of Talent Board, and Kevin Mease, VP of Product Management at Jobvite, join us this week to discuss how advances in automation can help you navigate increased number of applications and hire top talent faster.

Earn .75 SHRM credits for attending this session. 

Kevin Grossman
Talent Board

Kevin Mease
VP of Product Management