Traitify is the fastest behavioral assessment in the world. Scientifically validated and built for the modern attention span, Traitify is mobile first and easy. Applicants interact with a series of images and in about 90 seconds, we build their personality profile.

Jobvite customers can use the results to assess fit for specific jobs, then prioritize applicants based on their score and make data-driven hiring decisions. You can also use Traitify personality results to guide how you interview candidates.

Use Traitify to reduce turnover costs by up to 30%, to decrease time-to-hire by up to 40% and offer a modern fun candidate experience which reflects positively on your employment brand.

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  • Traitify uses applicant interaction with a series of images to create the world’s fastest talent assessment.
  • The Traitify platform lets Jobvite customers easily collect applicant personality data in about 90 seconds, then use it to make data-driven hiring decisions.
  • With over 95% completion rates, we help you collect volumes of valuable data on your applicants without damaging your funnel throughput.


  • Up to 30% reduction in employee turnover costs – It costs companies $ to source, screen, onboard and train new employees. If they leave too soon, that $ is wasted. Hiring the right people can save companies millions of dollars in turnover-related costs.
  • Up to 40% reduction in time-to-hire – Recruiters are often overwhelmed with applicant volume and don’t know where to start. Imagine if your recruiters could use a system that helped them prioritize candidates. They could identify best fit candidates faster, spend more time engaging with and nurturing them and close them more quickly.
  • A modern and fun candidate experience which reflects positively on your employment brand – Candidates have all the power these days. There are many tools to research companies and find/apply to jobs. This doesn’t change the need for companies to screen and assess, but it does change the requirements for HOW you do this. If you’re going to give an assessment, it might as well be the fastest in the world and enjoyable for candidates.


Overview video of the Jobvite-Traitify integration.