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Year: 2016


HR Dive | Tess TaylorAfter year of acquisitions, what does 2017 hold for job boards?

Recruiter | Peter MooreWhat to Do When You Have More Applicants Than You Can Handle

Award | JobviteGetApp – #1 ATS

Recruiter | Samantha LococoJobvite’s Survey Reveals Fierce Competition, Evolving Strategies in a Divided Time

US News & World Report | Rachel BitteSecrets From the HR Department: How to Negotiate Your Salary

Fast Company | Lisa Rabasca RoepeHow These Companies Offer Free Food Without Making Staff Fat


Press Release | JobviteJobvite Announces Enterprise-Grade Product Offerings to Help Recruiters Keep Up in a Rapidly Evolving Field

Entrepreneur | Heather HuhmanWhy You Need to Think ‘Tools’ When Hiring, Not Just ‘the Job Post’

SHRM | Meg GuiseppiViewpoint: Searching for a New Job? Mind Your Online Reputation

Harvard Business Review | Dan FinniganRobots and Automation May Not Take Your Desk Job After All

Entrpreneur | Matt Straz3 Reasons Why HR is Critical to Your Company’s Success

The Muse | Rachel BitteA Realistic Plan for Making Peace With a Co-worker You Can’t Stand


Entrepreneur | Heather HuhmanHow You’re Creating Your Own Talent Shortage

New York Post | Virginia BackaitisThe 4 Mistakes Guaranteed to Cost you Your Dream Job

The Muse | Rachel BitteFair or Not, Here’s What Recruiters Really Think About You

Business Insider | Peter FarquharI Let This Company Analyse my Social Media Profile to See if I’m a Risky Hire. Here’s What it Found

US News and World Report | Hannah MorganNew Help for Busy Job Seekers

Time | Kristen BahlerHow to Defuse Trump-Style “Locker Room” Talk at the Office

International Business Times | Lydia O'Neal How Hard Is It To Get A Job? The Power Of Referrals When It Comes To Getting Hired


CNET | Alfred NgDonald Trump’s Social Media Would Doom Him in a Job Interview

ERE | Ronen Shetelboim3 Steps To Become A Metrics-Driven Recruiter

US News and World Report | Hannah MorganHow Job Seekers Should Respond to Recruiting Trends

Bloomberg | Rebecca GreenfieldThe Cover Letter Refuses to Die

SHRM | Roy MaurerMore Recruiters Raising Salary Offers to Close Candidates

Adweek | Kimberlee MorrisonJob Seekers: What’s on Your Social Profile Can Hurt Your Prospects (Report)

Press Release | JobviteJobvite’s 2016 Recruiter Nation Reveals Fierce Competition, Evolving Strategies

The Muse | Rachel BitteHow to Solve an Office Conflict (Without Relying on HR to Do All Your Dirty Work)

Entrepreneur | Dan FinniganWhy Alma Maters Matter Less Than You Think, in a Good Way

New York Times | Patricia CohenSlower Growth in Jobs Report May Give Fed Pause on Interest Rates


Business 2 Community | Suzanna ColbergGuiding Your Employee Referral Program with Data

ERE | Ninh TranA Hidden Reason Why 90 Percent Of Startups Die

CareerCloud | Rachel BittePodcast with Rachel Bitte, Chief People Officer: Job Hunting While at Work

The Muse | Rachel BitteAll Your Tricky Questions About Job Hunting on the Job, Answered

Inc | Helena BallBehind the Explosive Growth of Gig Economy Workers (Infographic)

The Muse | Contributor5 Valid Reasons to Apply for a Temp Job During a Long (Frustrating) Job Search


The New York Times | Vindu Goel and Michael J. de la MercedYahoo’s Sale to Verizon Ends an Era for a Web Pioneer

PR Web | Ike JablonGetApp Releases its List of the Top 25 Applicant Tracking Apps for Q3 2016

Undercover Recruiter | StaffHow Happy Job-Hoppers are Growing the Gig Economy

Reuters | Deborah M. Todd and Jeffrey Dastin Silicon Valley’s Yahoo diaspora mourns company’s decline

Business Journals | Dana Manciagli 4 job-search myths that can hold you back from your dream job

The Muse | ContributorAll Your Tricky Questions About Job Hunting on the Job, Answered

TLNT | Rachel BitteThe 4 Metrics You Must Track (And What To Do With Them)


MarketWatch | Kathleen BurkeWhat Employers Can —and Can’t — Ask When It Comes to Background Checks

Entrepreneur | Matt StrazThis Is What Happens When Employees Find Meaning at Work

New York Post | Virginia Backaitis5 Ways to Get Your Résumé Out From Under the Slush Pile

New York Post | Virginia BackaitisHaving a Professional Presence Online is Crucial

New York Times | Patricia Cohen and Binyamin AppelbaumSharp Fall in U.S. Hiring Saps Chance of Fed Rate Increase in June

Press Release | JobviteJobvite Appoints Chief Customer Officer, Andy Priest

Award | JobviteStevie Awards – Gold for Customer Service


Harvard Business Review | Amy GalloWhat to Say and Do When Your Employee Has Another Job Offer

Fast Company | Lydia DishmanHow To Use Snapchat To Get A Job

Fast Company | Graeme Austen4 Steps To Landing A Job Referral Without Any Insider Connections

Entrepreneur | Matt StrazHere’s What ‘Employer Branding’ Should Look Like on Company Career Platforms

Press Release | JobviteJobvite Launches Onboarding Solution, Fully Integrated with Leading Recruiting Platform

Entrepreneur | Heather R. HuhmanWhat About Offboarding?


The Next Web | Michael Gugel3 disastrous HR mistakes your startup should avoid at all costs

The Wall Street Journal | Joanna SternIgnoring LinkedIn Is Hurting Your Career

Parade | StaffBy the Numbers: Interesting Facts About Jobs and Income

Press Release | JobviteAnnouncing Jobvite’s 2016 Customer Summit “Recruiting Reimagined” in San Francisco, May 17-18

Parade | Kathleen McCleary5 Must-Knows About Millennial Managers

San Francisco Chronicle | Wendy LeeScience of layoffs: The new thinking for dropping the hatchet

TIME | Caroline Ceniza-Levine10 Ways To Use Social Media To Supercharge Your Job Search

Fast Company | Lydia DishmanWhy Certain Facebook Friends Can Boost Your Chance Of Landing A New Job


Inc. | Gene Marks17 Great Technologies To Help You Find And Perk Your Employees

US News & World Report | Robin Madell Here’s Exactly What Hiring Managers Look for in a Resume

The Muse | Adrian Granzella Larssen55% of Hiring Managers Don’t Read Cover Letters—Here’s How to Get Their Attention

AdWeek | Kimberlee MorrisonHow Does Social Media Play Into Today’s Job Search?

CBS MoneyWatch | Aimee PicchiMillennials: Free food at work, but no health care

Press Release | JobviteAmericans Uncertain About the Future of Work, 2016 Jobvite Job Seeker Nation Shows

CNBC Mad Money | StaffJobvite CEO: The Employment Pulse

Entrepreneur | Heather R. HuhmanWhat to Do When Good Talent Has Suspicious Social Media

Fast Company | Lydia DishmanWhy New Moms And Dads Aren’t Taking Their Paid Parental Leave

Quartz | Alice TruongWorkers in their 20s are more likely to get free food than health insurance

TIME – MONEY | Martha C. WhiteSee How Many of Your Co-Workers Think It Would be Easy to Get a New Job

VICE | Harry CheadleThe Future of Work Is Free Snacks, No Benefits, and Looking for Jobs from Your Bed

U.S. News & World Report | Hannah Morgan5 Ways to Beat the Competition When Looking for a Job


The New York Times | Katie BennerCaution Rebuffed, Unicorns and Other Start-Ups Fixate on Rainbows

Entrepreneur | Zach Cutler4 Reasons to Love Twitter

Fast Company | Rebecca GatesmanHow To Hire (And Keep) Female Developers

Press Release | JobviteHalogen and Jobvite Announce Strategic Partnership

Fast Company | Lydia DishmanNew Recruiting Platform Uses Anonymous Profiles To Help Tech Companies Find Talent


Business Insider | Molly TriffinRecruiters explain 6 social media habits that could cost you the job

The Street | Kistin Colella10 Tips to Land a New Job When You’re Over 50

Forbes | Jan Bruce 5 Workplace Culture Trends You Can’t Ignore

Fortune | Heather ClancyWe Want You 2.0? Talent War Reshapes Recruiting Software

TIME | Daniel Bortz5 Best Career Moves to Make in Your 30s

IB Times Australia | Geraldine Chua 7 biggest business apps of 2016 – From Slack to Atlassian’s Confluence, HipChat

TIME | Daniel Bortz7 Best Career Moves to Make in Your 20s

Forbes | Alaina Tweddale3 Tips For Managing Your Online Reputation

Press Release | JobviteJobvite Announces New Chief Financial Officer, Peter Maloney

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