Jobvite Onboard Quick Start Implementation


The Onboard Quick Start implementation package is designed as a knowledge transfer program intended to help enable the customer to configure the Jobvite Onboard application according to their own onboarding needs and to make future modifications. The customer will be assigned to a designated, experienced implementation consultant that will help guide them in understanding the primary components of the application.

The Onboard Quick Start packages consist of a series of 1:1 and group knowledge transfer sessions that teach the customer the fundamentals of Jobvite Onboard and get them up and running in as little as eight (8) weeks. The customer will utilize the knowledge learned to configure the application, which will be reviewed by their designated consultant. Through these sessions and with direct experience in administering and configuring the application, the Onboarding administrator(s) will gain the knowledge to utilize the application according to their new hire onboarding processes.

The hours allotted for the implementation will include work completed outside of the defined implementation meeting schedule, including but not limited to: email correspondence between the customer and the implementation consultant, unexpected issues, and coordination of schedules.

Description of Services

The Jobvite Onboard product includes features that customers are able to configure to best serve their new hire onboarding processes. The designated implementation consultant will assist with the main onboarding features in the following capacities:

Account Provisioning
Jobvite Onboard will be provisioned to the customer by the Jobvite Customer Success Team for access to the company instance.

Tasks are the building blocks of Jobvite Onboard and define the steps to be completed by all users involved in onboarding a new hire. The customer will learn how to create task templates, group the tasks into categories, and properly select them in order to create an onboarding process during the implementation.

Standard Forms
Jobvite will provide a list of standard forms the customer can use in their onboarding process to allow users involved to complete, read, and acknowledge electronically. Jobvite will assist with the text edits of up to three (3) of the Standard Forms available in the Jobvite Forms Library Standard Jobvite Forms.

Form Builder
Customers will learn how to create their own custom forms using Jobvite’s form builder tool. Jobvite will provide a knowledge transfer session during the implementation to cover the fundamental steps in creating and editing custom forms.

New Hire Portals
The new hire portal is the landing page that serves as the new hire’s first impression of the company and where the new hire will reference all of the onboarding tasks that need to be completed. The customer will be able to select one (1) portal layout from the Jobvite portals library. Once the customer has selected the desired template, Onboard Quick Start includes assistance with text edits to the selected template.

I-9  or I-9 eVerify
If I-9 or I-9 eVerify is included in the customer’s agreement, they will work with their implementation consultant to configure I-9 for a maximum of one (1) EIN, three (3) locations, and five (5) users. The customer will be required to provide configuration information in the specific format requested. The Onboard Quick Start implementation includes one (1) in-depth system training session.


The Onboard Quick Start Implementation package provides a maximum of sixteen (16) hours consulting hours if I-9/I-9 eVerify is included or provides twelve (12) consulting hours without I-9/eVerify. The Services must be used within six (6) months from your order’s signature date. Any services not used within this period will be automatically forfeited by you, with no further action required of either party, and you will not be entitled to a refund or any credit toward additional or other services for any unused portion of the fees paid.

Onboard Quick Start Implementation Meeting Schedule

The implementation meeting schedule covers the fundamentals of Jobvite Onboard, the customer’s own onboarding goals, and configuration questions in group and 1:1 sessions. Project management time outside of the group and 1:1 sessions are included in the total number of hours allotted per implementation package.

The table below includes an overview of the steps taken to complete the Onboard Quick Start implementation without I-9/I-9 eVerify. Sessions will be added to the schedule for the configuration of I-9/I-9 eVerify, based upon mutual agreement.

Week Meeting Duration Meeting Name Meeting Description
1 60 mins Implementation Kickoff Kickoff call with your implementation consultant to discuss your current onboarding process, your goals with Onboard, the design of your new hire portal, and the different Onboard user roles.
2 60 mins Group Onboarding Admin Review* An implementation consultant will walk you through the administrative configurations that are required for a successful launch, such as creating onboarding tasks, creating groups of tasks, and using these collectively to create new hire onboarding processes.
3 60 mins Group Onboarding Form Builder Review* An implementation consultant will walk you through the Form Builder feature. This feature will allow clients to create/update any custom form as needed.
4 60 mins Implementation Consultant Check In The customer’s designated implementation consultant will review pending questions and assist with configuration edits.
5 60 mins Onboard User Training An implementation consultant will train your HR team on how to navigate Onboard, including: learning about the transition from candidate to new hire in Jobvite, as well as launching and managing the onboarding process.
6 N/A No Meeting Customer is performing user acceptance testing and directing additional questions to their implementation consultant.
7 60 mins Implementation Consultant Check In The customer’s designated implementation consultant will review pending questions and assist with final configuration edits. Customer can also use this week to perform soft-launch of Onboard.
8 60 mins Wrap Up Your implementation consultant will address any remaining questions, review reporting capabilities, and introduce you to the Jobvite Customer Support Team.

*Group sessions may include other customers currently in implementation.


At the completion the implementation the customer will be transitioned to the Jobvite Customer Support Team. The customer will have unlimited access to the Jobvite Community which includes knowledge transfer videos and documents.


  • All work will be done remotely in English during Jobvite business hours.
  • Customer will assign a designated Jobvite Onboard administrator, who will configure the Jobvite application based on the knowledge gained through the trainings and knowledge transfer from the Jobvite Implementation Consultants.
  • Customer will make all efforts to attend meetings and trainings and will complete designated tasks scheduled. Failure to do so may results in project delays and increased effort beyond project scope.
  • Implementations placed on hold by the customer for longer than 60 days are subject to be closed by Jobvite.