Employee Referrals

Activate your employees’ networks

Employee referrals are considered the best way to hire. They reduce cost-to-hire and time-to-hire and are proven to attract employees who stay longer and perform better. We help organizations of all sizes harness their social capital to attract the highest quality talent.

Jobvite’s Publisher Tool is a new way for us to get our brand name out there. Showing our employees that they can just push out a simple post to their LinkedIn is game-changing and has steadily increased our employee referral count.

Jennifer Monroe
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Duncan Aviation

Better results, less effort

  • Incentive management tracks all of your referral bonuses, engagement campaigns, probation periods, currencies, and referral ownership
  • Recruiters automatically receive notifications and daily digests on referrals for job requisitions they own
  • Measure all your recruitment activity to help identify exactly what activities are bringing in your top performers
  • Every employee referral is tracked and automatically sent to your ATS; control where you generate referrals within your organization, focusing on high growth and hard-to-fill positions

Turn passive talent into
engaged applicants

  • Targeted campaigns let you tailor incentives, messaging, and audiences to support critical hiring
  • Control where you generate referrals within your organization, focusing on high growth and hard-to-fill positions
  • Effortlessly share your open positions with employees via email and across popular social channels; your employee audience is automatically optimized for engagement
  • Referral analytics give you visibility into the percent of hires from referrals and benchmark against other employers



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Drive employee participation

  • An SSO-enabled referral portal makes it easy for employees to reach out to their professional networks via the social platforms they use every day
  • Allow employees to engage with an AI-powered textbot to make referrals while they’re on the go
  • Keep employees informed and motivated with automatic updates about the status of their referrals


Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite

The end-to-end suite to help your organization attract, engage, recruit, hire, onboard, retain, and promote from within. Includes recruitment marketing, intelligent messaging, ATS, onboard, and more!

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