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The Leading Applicant Tracking System

Jobvite Hire Applicant Tracking System product screenshotJobvite Hire is leading the pack of best-of-breed recruiting software solutions. With ten years exclusively focused on recruiting, while working with thousands of customers, Jobvite streamlines the entire hiring process—increasing hiring effectiveness and velocity. On average, our customers see a 27% decrease in time-to-fill.

Find the Best Candidates
Our powerful referral capabilities, coupled with candidate matching, helps you focus on the most qualified candidates while filtering out the less qualified. That’s a huge time saver.

Hire with Intelligence
Jobvite has built-in automated intelligence across the candidate journey to help you find the best interview times quickly, screen and rank candidates automatically, forecast time-to-fill, and more so that you can make better decisions, save time, and close hires more quickly.

Great Candidate Engagement Starts With Your Career Website
Candidates love Jobvite-powered career sites because we make it easy to apply—from both desktop and mobile devices. In fact, according to Appcast, Jobvite has the highest click-to-apply rate in the industry.

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Tap Into Your Employees’ Networks to Find Quality Talent

Empower your team to become referrals with an easy-to-use employee referral solution that helps you recruit top talent that stays longer than non-referral hires. Check out the Jobvite Refer page for more information on how to boost your referral efforts.

  • Jobvite Publisher is highly customizable; employees can automatically share job openings on the social networks that they select and the type of jobs that their network would be most suited for
  • Jobvites allow you to send job invitations via email or 300+ social networks, including most of the major social networks globally
  • Source tracking enables you to give credit where credit is due after a referral candidate is hired

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First Impressions Matter: Make Your Career Website a Magnet for Talent

Jobvite Hire comes with a Standard Career Site that is elegant and easy for candidates to navigate. It’s a great place to start building your employer brand, but learn more about Jobvite Brand, or our premium career site solution, if you want to take it to the next level.

  • Mobile career sites inspire candidates to apply right from their mobile devices, anytime and anywhere
  • Simple, no-registration apply process. Requiring logins is notorious for low click-to-apply rates because any application hurdle will increase abandon rates. Instead, we make the process easy for candidates to apply with just a few clicks
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) provides increased visibility of your job postings for anyone searching online, including Google for Jobs

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Managing Requisitions Should Never be a Chore

Jobvite Hire - Managing Requisitions product screenshotWhether you’re crafting job descriptions, posting jobs, or getting your requisitions approved, Jobvite makes it easy, every step of the way.

  • Home Page Dashboard gives you an actionable, customizable view of your most pressing hiring tasks
  • Pre-screening questions lets you advance the most qualified talent and automatically remove the applicants that don’t meet the minimum requirements for the role
  • Job distribution automatically markets jobs to all the most effective channels
  • Configurable requisition approval workflows make your recruiting process as flexible and customizable as you need it to be

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When it Comes to Candidate Management, You’re in Complete Control

Jobvite Hire candidate management product screenshotTalent is the lifeblood of your business and continuously engaging candidates is the key to hiring the right people. We help you track a candidate’s journey and keep all candidate communication in one place.

  • Candidate communication tracking maintains a single record of all conversations to and from every candidate to keep you compliant
  • Delayed candidate rejection emails allow you to maintain a positive employer brand while letting your applicants down easy
  • Powerful candidate search makes it easy to find candidates in your applicant tracking system (ATS). Simply search by name, keywords, or narrow down by any custom fields or standard fields such as workflow, requisition, application date, location, etc.
  • Candidate Engagement Scoring assesses candidate responses to questions to identify positive, neutral, or negative responses. This empowers recruiters to move forward with candidates who are the best fit for the role, automatically.

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The Most Critical Part of Candidate Engagement is the Interview

Making sure that the entire interview process, from the time a screening is scheduled, to onsite interview coordination, to quick follow-ups, is easier than it sounds. We help you automate the tedious work so that you can focus on what’s important—getting to know candidates.

  • Interview kits provide a simple way for interview teams to learn best practices and collaborate
  • Highly configurable evaluation forms capture all the relevant information about your candidates
  • Smart Scheduler is an advanced scheduling tool that automatically selects the best time based on the schedules of multiple interviewers

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Collaborate With Hiring Teams to Break Through Bottlenecks

Get the entire hiring team on the same page with the  Mobile Hiring Team App, that is free with Jobvite Hire.  Empower your team to take action, provide feedback, and update shifting interview times—in real time.

  • Day-of interview logistics keep the team up-to-speed on the interview agenda
  • Mobile applicant screening allows hiring managers to view candidate profiles and accept or reject applicants in seconds, or move them to the next step
  • Simple collaborative feed to easily share candidate profiles and solicit feedback (likes, comments) on the candidate
  • Send Jobvites via mobile, empowering all employees to use their phone’s social channels to grow pipeline
  • Mobile evaluation forms encourage interview team participation and provide candidate feedback quickly
  • Requisition and offer approval make it easy to keep the hiring process moving from anywhere

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You Found the Perfect Candidate. Congrats!

In a world where candidates are in control, speed is the new currency. Our offer letter templates and approval process helps you move quickly to seal the deal.

  • Integration with DocuSign helps your new hires jump on board with ease
  • Configurable offer approval workflows let your team follow the proper protocol, automatically
  • Custom templates save time and hassle when trying to send out an offer before your talent competitors

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Jobvite can reduce your candidate
acquisition costs by 30%.

Source: Appcast

“We looked at other ATS platforms, but nothing allowed us to get the word out there on social like Jobvite does.”

Peter Moore
VP of Talent & Recruiting, Dollar Shave Club

"Part of what the Jobvite tools offer is consistency across the board — the flexibility to hire at any level"

Jeremy Ryder - Talent Acquisition Manager at Trek Bicycles
Jeremy Ryder
Talent Acquisition Manager, Trek Bikes

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