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Success with Jobvite’s New Pipeline Search Tool

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Editor’s Note: We’d like to welcome Jackie Hydock to the Jobvite Blog.  Jackie is one of the recruiters here at Jobvite responsible for finding those ambitious, quick-witted, dedicated and hard-working individuals that make Jobvite rock. Jackie will be blogging about how she uses Jobvite to find success on a daily basis and about her never-ending search for the perfect candidate.  Welcome and take it away Jacke!

There are 5 variables I consider when screening candidates:

  • Location/ Commute
  • Culture Fit / Communication Skills
  • Skills/Level of Experience
  • Timing
  • Compensation

If a candidate does not satisfy one of these categories and and/or are not willing to be flexible on one or more (except culture), then they end up “rejected”.  Rejected in most systems equals deep… black… hole… These candidates rarely resurface especially after you close the requisition.  BUT, Jobvite understands that these rejected candidates could be a gold mine to any recruiter!  These old “rejects” have networks, referrals, a reference list embedded in their profiles and new skill sets they have now obtained since you last spoke to them or reviewed their resume 6-12+ months ago!  If you closed the loop out with them properly, these people are typically eager to speak to you again and may even offer referrals to help you fill the role!

Last week I had the privilege of testing Jobvite’s new Engage Pipeline Search for the first time.  I received information of a new search that was on its way to be officially approved, but I wanted to be proactive and start pipelining!

Follow these instructions to trial our new search feature:

1. From your Jobvite dashboard select Pipeline.

2. View the Search column on the left side.  You now have everything you need to narrow your large database down to exactly what you are looking for.

My personal best practice is to start your search with 1-2 keywords (MUST HAVES) and location.   Review your results, sort them, and narrow from there by adding more keywords.  Add these candidates into a campaign or a requisition.  Add tags or tasks based on your conversation with them.  Try to keep an open mind; this will broaden your candidate pool.  Only “non culture fits” remain rejected FOREVER!  On my first call, I found a GREAT “rejected” past candidate.  Her response was, “Thanks for thinking of me, of course I remember Jobvite!  I’m so glad you called!  I haven’t thought about leaving my (new recent) company, but I’d love to hear what you guys are up to and what you are looking for!”.  This response was an ultimate victory!   She was rejected 2 years ago for being too junior for an old sales position.  Today, 2 years later, she works for a SaaS company who uses the same sales software we do and came across as a sales rockstar!  Needless to say she is now an official candidate who is in our interview process!  Way to go Jobvite Engage!

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