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Top Takeaways from the 2021 Talent Board CandE Awards Virtual Conference

We’re always honored to share our knowledge and tips with the Talent Acquisition (TA) community – which is why we loved the chance to speak at the Talent Board 2021 CandE Awards Virtual Conference. The conference hosted two days of great speakers and panelists that dove into actionable strategies on sustaining candidate experience. In this blog, we’ll discuss some highlights from the conference with take-aways on how to maintain a top-quality candidate experience throughout anticipated challenges in 2022.

Agile recruiting teams will win top talent

If we learned anything from the last 18+ months, it’s that agile recruiters will succeed in adapting to changes in the market. TA teams have adopted an agile recruiting strategy to more easily adapt to the changing job market and increased candidate expectations. Based on the results of our 2021 Recruiter Nation Report, Here’s what agile TA teams are prioritizing in 2022:

  • How to spend increased budget for recruiting activities effectively
  • Focus on improving key metrics like quality-of-hire
  • Growing employer brand through recruitment marketing
  • Adding automation and AI tools to the hiring process

TA teams that use agile strategies get the chance to examine the hiring process at every step to build and maintain a quality candidate experience. In our virtual session, Jobvite TA leaders and recruiters provided examples of how teams are using agility to bridge communication gaps, improve processes, and tackle key recruiting metrics. Watch the presentation here.

Automation and AI make for the best candidate experience

Automation and AI hold the key to successful agile recruiting. Teams that improved their technology stack this year are creating more efficient processes that are flexible during times of change. One of the biggest challenges for TA teams in 2021 has been a shortage of qualified talent for open positions – including a shortage on recruiting teams.

Speakers at the CandE Awards Virtual Conference dove into ways that companies have adopted new technologies to change the candidate experience game. From saving recruiter time with candidate texting and automated sourcing to improving DE&I programs – automation and AI are helping TA teams to maintain a great candidate experience in less time.

Congratulations to the CandE Award winners

Congrats to all the winners of a 2021 CandE Award! We love seeing so many teams focused on improving the experience in their organizations. Their investment in technology and teams set the bar for candidate experience in their industries. A special shout out to these Jobvite customers who snagged an award for their top-quality candidate experience.

Final thoughts

It’s great to hear from the CandE community on the latest priorities and trends in talent acquisition. Looking to upgrade your recruiting processes and candidate experience? Be sure to subscribe to the Jobvite blog and resource library.