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4 Ways to Avoid ‘Quit-Tok’

‘Quit-Tok’. It’s the latest trend to come out of the Great Resignation. Workers are using social media sites, like TikTok to share that they are quitting their jobs. Last week Good Morning America highlighted this trend and a few “QuitTok”er stories. These ‘Quicktok’ers shared a correlation between each person was that they were burned out and wanted to prioritize their mental health. Later in the day on Inside Edition, Jobvite CMO Allie Kelly noted that “through the pandemic, people have realized that having an environment that makes them happy and fulfilled in their life is really important.”

This is something we’ve seen echoed in our research. In our 2021 Job Seeker Nation report, we found that 58% of surveyed workers report an increased stress level since the onset of the pandemic, and in our 2021 Recruiter Nation Report, 59% of recruiters report their organizations have experienced increased turnover since the onset of the pandemic.

According to the Department of Labor, 4.2 million Americans quit their jobs in October alone, meaning that this year, a total of 38.6 million people voluntarily quit their roles. Even though not all the people who left a job this year are quitting in such a public fashion, the fact remains that the power in the labor market is still in the hands of workers.

The job market is booming and employees will look for work opportunities that offer flexibility, support, and quality of life. As a recruiter, it’s essential that you showcase a positive, inclusive, flexible working environment to not only attract top talent who have left toxic situations but retain your top performers. Here are four ways you can attract and retain talent amidst the Great Resignation and the ‘Quit-Tok’ trend.

1. Move your employer brand onto social media, including TikTok

Even before a candidate applies for a job with your organization, they are going to get as much information about what it’s like to work for you. They’ll look at Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Glassdoor, and more to see if there are any red flags. It’s imperative that you have a strong, positive representation of your company on social media. You may even want to think about expanding your brand presence on TikTok. Our 2021 Recruiter Nation Survey showed that TikTok usage by recruiters has increased 16% over the past year. If you are looking for new ways to reach candidates, especially younger ones, TikTok may be an interesting option for you.

2. Showcase a hybrid work relationship if it’s a fit for your business

In October, accounting giant PwC announced that their 400,000 employees can work from anywhere. Being able to work from home can add wonders to reducing stress in your employees. In fact, there are numerous studies over the past year that working from home even increases productivity. Highlight your flexible work arrangements on your career page and throughout your employer brand.

3. Tout your positive mental health options

We are in the middle of a mental health revolution. Employee wellbeing benefits were on the rise even before the pandemic. But now, many employees are simply burned out. In fact, Glassdoor’s CEO Christian Sutherland-Wong mentioned on Good Morning America that they’ve “seen more than 100% increase in mentions of the word ‘burnout’ in the reviews that we see.” Find out what mental health and stress reduction benefits you can provide your workforce and make sure you highlight them throughout your employer brand. If they are already top benefits, think about running recruitment market campaigns on social media to highlight them.

4. Highlight your commitment to diversity and inclusion

Now more than ever, employees want an employer that cares about diversity and inclusion. According to Jobvite’s 2021 Job Seeker Nation Report, a sizable number of workers (42%) would turn down a job offer if the company lacked diversity in its workforce or had no clear goals for improving diversity in hiring. Applicants and candidates learn about your company through your recruitment marketing efforts on your website, social media, and your career site. The candidate experience starts with your career site, so it should showcase your company’s diversity efforts. Highlight the value you place on diversity. Ensure the imagery on your site reflects a variety in race, gender, ability, and more. Publish content on diversity-focused topics and spotlight different employees to represent your diverse workforce.


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