Smart Scheduler

Smart Scheduler

Scheduling an interview is a lot like conducting a symphony: You’ve got many moving parts, lots of key instruments, hours of planning, and one harmonic goal. Jobvite’s Smart Scheduler turns those grueling hours of work into a few painless minutes.

Smart Scheduler is a valuable feature that integrates with Outlook and Google Calendar to find the best time for anyone in your company—even employees with the tightest calendars—to conduct interviews. Our powerful algorithm allows schedulers to choose up to ten days for a possible interview date. It will then intelligently select the best time to conduct the interview, whether it’s group-based or one-on-one.

Don’t worry – not everything is automatic. You will have the power to adjust:

  • The order of the interviewers
  • The meeting rooms (if applicable)
  • Individual interview times
  • Total interview time
  • The email template that goes out to each interviewer

Smart Scheduler will find an interview to fit all your specifications. Whether you are scheduling long interviews involving your CEO or quick ones to fill entry-level positions, you will cut down your scheduling time to just a few minutes a day.

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