7 Ways to Attract, Engage, and Convert Diverse CandidatesA diverse workforce is more than just a nice-to-have. It’s critical to building a strong employer brand, and benefits companies by increasing creativity, profitability, and employee retention. Our ebook, 7 Ways to Attract, Engage, and Convert Diverse Candidates, helps you get started.Read More
Will Recruiting Ever Look the Same?In this webinar, Jobvite’s Kerry Gilliam and Mike Wood discuss the 2020 Recruiter Nation Survey and help recruiters and talent acquisition leaders across the U.S. understand recruiting priorities and investments, the importance of diversity and inclusion initiatives, effective interview and communication tactics, and more.Watch
LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect IntegrationDesigned to simplify the hiring process, the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC) integration with Jobvite enables recruiters to access real-time candidate information to make effective talent decisions and power unforgettable candidate experiences. Watch
Top 10 Takeaways from Recruiter Nation Live: Data InsightsHere are 10 key takeaways from our Recruiter Nation Live 2020 Data Insights sessions, led by top industry experts from Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst, Lighthouse Research to Aubrey Blanche, Founder, The MathPath to Jared Bazzell, Sr. TA Manager, CDW.Read More
Top 10 Takeaways from Recruiter Nation Live: Improving Your Candidate ExperienceRecruiter Nation Live 2020 featured some of the top minds in recruiting and talent acquisition gathered together for an afternoon of learning and inspiration. Here are just a few key takeaways from the event, to help you plan for the best possible candidate experience in 2021.Read More
2021 Talent Acquisition Planning KitOur experts at Jobvite and beyond have created a series of workbooks to help you plan for the new year in recruiting, all about topics that will be a priority for TA teams this year. Use these workbooks as a tool to help you improve your TA strategies, take stock of your current programs, and make informed decisions about your future processes.Read More
Top 10 Takeaways from Recruiter Nation Live: Planning for the FutureHere are 10 key takeaways from our Planning for the Future sessions at Recruiter Nation Live 2020, led by top industry experts from Tim Sackett to Madeline Laurano to Michael Wright.Read More
Taking Your Recruitment Marketing Team to the Next LevelThis step-by-step guide with worksheets will walk you through key elements of creating a successful recruitment marketing team and give you specific actions you can take to advance the maturity of your recruitment marketing organization.Read More
Attracting More Diverse Candidates through Targeted Audience Planning In this ebook, we’ll dig into the importance of audience planning, and how it can be used to create opportunities for underrepresented candidates and build strong, inclusive teams in 9 steps. Read More
2020 Job Seeker Nation Report

When Change is the Only Constant: Timely insights into the
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