The Summer to Evolve: Two Talented on Employee ReferralsIn this Summer to Evolve webinar, M.T. Ray, founder of MilesRay Talent, and Josh Anderson, Senior Vice President of Recruitment and Admissions at Teach for America, join Chris Le Breton, SVP of Strategic Initiatives at Jobvite, for a discussion on how to engage and incentivize employees to help you meet your recruiting goals.Watch
The Summer to Evolve: The Basics of a Successful Employee Referral ProgramIn this Summer to Evolve Recruiter Skills Session, Brett Bazzini from Jobvite discusses setting objectives for employee referral programs, understanding and measuring the ROI and cost-per-hire of referrals, how to leverage your employee base to boost employer brand, and how to use incentives to encourage employee participation.Watch
The Summer to Evolve: Two Talented on Job Descriptions & InterviewingIn this Summer to Evolve webinar, William Tincup, President of RecruitingDaily, and Todd Caponi, author of The Transparency Sale, join Jobvite CMO, Jeffrey K. Rohrs, for a discussion on what makes job descriptions effective for today's candidates, along with interviewing best practices—in person and virtually. Watch
The Summer to Evolve: Effective Job Descriptions & InterviewingIn this Summer to Evolve Recruiter Skills Session, Karlee Sapp, Customer Success Training Developer at Jobvite, discusses the benefits of crafting good job descriptions and conducting effective interviews. The session covers how to create effective job descriptions to attract the best candidates and how the right job descriptions can reduce bias and encourage a diverse pool of candidates to apply.Watch
The Summer to Evolve: The Break Room with Damon Wayans, Jr. and Kris JonesIn this Summer to Evolve webinar, Jobvite CMO, Jeffrey K. Rohrs, chats with Damon Wayans, Jr. And Kris Jones, co-founders of Special Guest as they share the inspiration for Special Guest, the story of their appearance on Planet of the Apps (Apple’s first original show), and how the pandemic challenged them to evolve how they help performers book gigs.Watch
The Summer to Evolve: Two Talented on Candidate CommunicationIn this Summer to Evolve webinar, Jay Baer, author of Talk Triggers and Hug Your Haters, and Madeline Laurano, founder of Aptitude Research, chat about how to create meaningful, lasting engagement with candidates. They reveal how excellent candidate communication is the key to building memorable candidate experiences job seekers will want to tell their friends about.Watch
To Care is Human: Why Every Role Matters to the Patient Experience in a time of Crisis and BeyondIn this webinar, Jason A. Wolf, President and CEO of The Beryl Institute, and Molly Gamble, VP of Editorial at Becker's Healthcare, discuss why it's time to reframe our thinking about patient experience and reinforce the core strategies, including technology adoption, driving the human experience at the heart of healthcare today.Watch
The Summer to Evolve: Improve your Candidate ExperienceIn this Summer to Evolve Recruiter Skills Session, Natalie Segro, Product Training Manager at Jobvite, discuss how different communication channels including text, email, chatbots, phone calls, and social messaging can be used to create positive candidate engagement and experiences.Watch
The Summer to Evolve: Two Talented on Recruiting Roles & SkillsThis webinar brings together Kris Dunn, Partner and CHRO at Kinetix and founder of the blogs “Fistful of Talent” and “The HR Capitalist,” and Bridget L. Boyle, Head of People and Culture at Roche Diagnostics Operations to chat about how recruiting roles and skills are changing with the times, and how recruiters can be true partners and coaches for their companies and candidates.Watch
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