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Jobvite Career Sites Inspires Candidates to Apply

Jobvite Career Sites includes the advanced capabilities of Jobvite’s powerful career site framework, paired with professional services that build in best practices, based on experience building thousands of career websites. Plus, your premium career website will work seamlessly across desktops, mobile devices, internal job boards, and social platforms.

Be Authentic
In today’s competitive war for talent, candidates do their homework before they even apply and that starts with your career website. A simple list of open positions will do the job, but take it to the next level with Jobvite Career Sites. Showcase your unique company culture, values, perks, and why it’s awesome to work at your organization. Why? Because a candidate’s “first look” at your employer brand matters.

Make Your Career Site Pop
They’ve come to your career website, so put your best foot forward. “Wow” candidates with captivating content such as images of your office, videos of a diverse set of people from different groups, streams of your Instagram account, and much more. Help candidates envision themselves working at your company and watch your application rates rise.

Keep it Fresh
These days, launching and leaving is not an option. Keep your career website current by working with your Jobvite partners to keep your employer branding dynamic and up-to-date. Never fall behind the trends or let your career site grow stale. Good news. Start where you are and we’ll help you every step of the way.

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Unleash Your Employer Brand

Your marketing department owns your company brand and you own your employer brand. Partner with marketing to design a career website and Jobvite will help you bring it to life on desktops, mobile devices, internal sites, and social media.

  • Customized content placement lets you showcase your company culture in an authentic, compelling way using rich media
  • Additional career site pages give you the opportunity to go a level deeper with employee testimonials, perks, and benefits
  • Initial and ongoing updates keep your brand crisp and fresh with the most relevant and current content

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Candidate Engagement Gets Real with the Apply Process

Forced logins. Long applications that drag on forever. And it doesn’t work on mobile? If this sounds like your apply process, then you’re losing valuable candidates. Jobvite has the highest click-to-apply rate in the industry.

  • A simple apply process, with no mandatory registration, encourages visitors to convert into applicants, filling your talent pipeline with qualified people
  • “Work with Us” Facebook application for your corporate page enables job seekers to apply using multiple channels
  • Keyword and filters help job seekers intuitively narrow their job search on your career page in an instant
  • Custom organization of jobs and featured jobs ensure your talent can find what they’re looking for
  • Recommend similar job postings to candidates based on roles they’ve previously viewed, their skills, requirements, and responsibilities with the help of AI

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Your Candidates Are Mobile, So Why Aren’t You?

Jobvite Brand product screenshot - mobile career website exampleAccording to our many Job Seeker Nation surveys, job seekers are applying for jobs in bed, while in meetings, and from virtually anywhere, anytime. If you’re on the hunt for top talent, then it’s about time you prioritize the mobile apply process.

  • Brand your mobile career website with your logo, colors, and design elements so that the transition from your main site and career site is seamless
  • A customized slide menu lets you surface any additional career site pages on your desktop experience to your mobile site
  • Mobile-optimized page elements minimize scrolls, clicks, and taps to avoid candidate drop off

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