Applicant Tracking System: ATS & Onboard

Hire Faster, With Confidence

Attract, Hire, & Onboard Talent Quickly

Tap into a powerful, easy-to-use applicant tracking system that streamlines talent acquisition activities and onboarding with automation and intelligence. Hire quickly and more confidently by automating repetitive, manual processes. Leverage real-time analytics to improve hiring time and turn candidates into productive employees faster.

Increase Recruiter Capacity

Automate tedious, repetitive tasks like sourcing, so recruiters can spend time on what really matters — nurturing and connecting with candidates that could join your team.

Configure Your Way & Deepen Collaboration

Find what fits your team’s recruiting needs using configurable dashboards, workflows, and feedback. Empower your team to collaborate with a portal that enhances communication, fosters feedback, and ensures greater hiring team success.

Take Control of the Hiring Process

Support a fully digital hiring and onboarding process that is optimized across devices. Gain a 360-degree view of candidates with a centralized profile that provides the full history of applications and interactions from first look to first day.

Bolster Talent Acquisition Metrics

With 85% of companies hiring in less than four weeks, hiring is a speed game. Improve candidate conversion rates by creating a streamlined process that allows you to stay competitive, attract quality talent, and hire faster.

Get the App Designed for Hiring Managers

Make it easy for hiring managers to engage with the app designed just for them. Keep hiring teams in sync with real-time interview schedules, day-of-interview alerts, in-app messaging, and other strategies to streamline their efforts.

Gain Complete Transparency Into Your Entire TA Lifecycle

Check out the Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite

Streamline Your Recruitment & Onboarding Process

Configurable Workflows

Optimize hiring and onboarding across your enterprise by creating individual workflows based on department, location, role, and more.

Video Interview

Interview candidates on their schedules from their preferred locations. Effortlessly screen remote workers and show candidates you value their time.

Smart Scheduler

Easily locate candidates and quickly send a set of proposed times, so everyone can arrive at the best match for their schedule.

Bias Blocker

Eliminate bias from the screening process and ensure appropriate messaging around your DE&I commitment is accessible to candidates.

Job Description Grader

Attract diverse talent with an analytical tool that combines AI, data science, and industry benchmarks with current DE&I best practices to deliver insight into your job postings.

Native eSignature

Sign, seal, and deliver offers and contracts right from within Jobvite without the need for outside integrations.


Improve KPIs, such as time-to-fill, by drilling into numerous talent acquisition metrics from your homepage dashboard. 

See How Savers Took Command of Hiring Through Automation

“Leveraging the automation aspect of Jobvite was instrumental. It allowed us to really engage with candidates effectively and shrink time-to-hire.”

Lea Bedford, People Services Center Manager, Savers