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Jobvite ATS and Onboard is a powerful, easy-to-use applicant tracking system that uses automation and intelligence to help you hire faster, smarter, and with confidence. Your company can automate tedious, manual processes and leverage real-time analytics to elevate your role in acquiring top talent with the skills your business needs. Our ATS software streamlines the entire hiring process, helping customers to increase hiring effectiveness and velocity. Jobvite ATS includes a native onboarding system that makes the process easy, efficient, and paperless. As soon as the offer is accepted, smoothly transition new hires into productive employees with a centralized onboarding portal that tracks and manages new hire task and form completions. Request your ATS demo today!

Leveraging the automation aspect of Jobvite was instrumental. It allowed us to really engage with candidates effectively and shrink time-to-hire.

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Lea Bedford
People Services Center Manager, Savers

Increase recruiting efficiency with the smart automation of candidate tracking

So, what exactly can you do with the Jobvite software?

  • Quickly configure and manage flexible job fields and apply forms in the hiring system
  • Pre-screen candidates with native, on-demand video screening or knock-out questionnaires during the apply process
  • Easily configure candidate workflows to support complex and unique recruiting processes, including candidate selection, and offer approval and generation
  • Quickly prioritize the best candidates to interview and hire based on smart candidate matching and interview scorecard
  • Automate the scheduling of candidate interviews with Smart Self-Scheduler


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Make faster, data-driven hiring decisions

  • Gain real-time visibility into the health of your talent acquisition with embedded analytics and an actionable analytics dashboard that displays hiring trends and bottlenecks
  • Dive deeper into your data with more than 50 standard out-of-box reports like time-to-fill, bottleneck, and source performance
  • Compare your performance to your peers with quarterly benchmark reports
  • Create custom reports and dashboards that reflect your hiring workflows
  • Collaborate, distribute, and schedule reports so that everyone stays up to date on hiring progress and achievements



Need more than a point solution?

Check out the new Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite.


Take control of the hiring process with Jobvite

  • Support a fully digital and paperless hiring and onboarding process that is optimized across devices
  • Gain a 360-degree view of candidates with a centralized profile that provides the full history of candidate applications and interactions
  • Continuously engage talent with branded communications from their first view of your career site or job posting to their first day on the job
  • Streamline your hiring and onboarding process with fully configurable workflows
  • Identify your best sources of successful referrals and give credit to employees when a referral is hired

Onboarding software that seamlessly transitions new hires to productive employees

  • A central place for recruiters, HR, hiring managers, IT, and new hires to coordinate onboarding activities
  • Tailor the onboarding experience with predefined workflows based on department, position, location, and more
  • Measure the impact of onboarding efforts such as time-to onboard, and completion rate
  • Create an onboarding checklist of orientation tasks with due dates and reminders that new hires use to track their progress
  • Answer questions from new hires directly inside the portal
  • Support preboarding and onboarding anytime, anywhere with the mobile-optimized new hire onboarding portal

Improve collaboration with hiring managers with a dedicated mobile hiring team app

  • Make it quick and easy for hiring managers to engage in the hiring process with an app focused on the actions hiring team members need to take
  • Keep the hiring team coordinated with real-time interview schedules, day-of-interview alerts, and in-app messaging
  • Empower hiring managers to take action with evaluation forms and quick and easy candidate profile reviews, and also to offer approvals

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Take Command of Your Hiring with Our
Applicant Tracking System and Onboarding

From smart-matching candidates to scheduling interviews to providing app-based hiring reminders, Jobvite’s ATS and Onboard recruiting software is everything you need to get a more efficient handle on your organization’s hiring process. Hire top talent fast with our ATS technology and onboard them rapidly and effectively. Get your demo from us today!

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Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite

The end-to-end suite to help your organization attract, engage, recruit, hire, onboard, retain, and promote from within. Includes recruitment marketing, intelligent messaging, ATS, onboard, and more!

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