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The Race for Talent

We all know these days there’s a race for talent in the workplace. The lowest unemployment rates mean the highest levels of competition to fill open requisitions and fill them fast. To win the race, you need vendors who truly act as partners to help you navigate the murky waters of hiring and onboarding. Not only that, you need partners who are aligned in both their vision and strategy … a unified team.

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the Jobvite Recruiter Nation Live user conference in San Francisco. It was a fun-filled couple of days packed with educational opportunities, and we were excited to participate as a premier partner to Jobvite. What was even more thrilling was to learn how closely aligned Asurint is to Jobvite’s vision and mission.

Here are three common threads in our strategies:

1. Smart Automation

You may have all the automation you can get your hands on, but if it’s not allowing your business, your processes, and your people to work smarter and more efficiently, then it’s simply not working. Luckily, both Jobvite and Asurint ensure both of our workflows automate in the most efficient way by routing tasks or files to the right people, at the right time. Our automation works to make your recruiting tasks simpler by eliminating manual and duplicative data entry, streamlining pre-hire and onboarding workflows, and providing candidate information at your fingertips.

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The Race for TalentWe all know these days there’s a race for talent in the workplace. The lowest unemployment rates mean the highest levels of competition to fill open requisitions and fill them fast. To win the race, you...Read More
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