Candidate Messaging

Effortlessly Connect with Job Seekers

Engage With Candidates Where They Are

Streamlined talent acquisition requires consumer-grade experiences for candidates. Jobvite’s Intelligent Messaging makes it easy to reach candidates where they are through text messaging or career site chatbots. Communicate with job seekers by automating, organizing, sharing, and tracking text conversations. And easily enhance experiences by promoting instant, real-time career site interaction through chatbots.

Increase Response Rates

Keep job seekers engaged and empower recruiters to provide a text-based application process. With 98% open rates and just 90 seconds for the average response time, candidate texting streamlines interactions and speeds up time-to-hire.

Improve Candidate Conversion

Send pre-screen forms by text and route candidates automatically based on their responses. Jobvite text bots automate screening to find qualified talent even when recruiters are not on the clock. Improve application conversion rates with text-to-apply functionality.

Enhance Your Employer Brand

Show that you value candidate time and build a reputation for a great candidate experience. And protect your brand from one-off text messages from personal devices by standardizing texting with added security.

Empower Recruiters and Deepen Relationships

Free-up recruiters from repetitive communication tasks using text bots that can answer common questions and interact instantly with candidates. Send texts to hundreds of candidates and spin-off responses into individual conversations for greater candidate nurturing and engagement.

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Deliver Exceptional Candidate Experiences

Career Site Chatbots

Respond to candidate questions instantly using career site chatbots. Shorten the entire recruiting process at scale, engaging candidates and reducing time-consuming tasks for recruiters.

Targeted Text Campaigns

Create text campaigns using scheduled, targeted, and sequenced messages that can be sent to multiple candidates simultaneously. Deliver messages directly to candidates for greater engagement.

Streamlined Candidate Screening

Assess and prioritize job seekers without tapping a finger. With keyword bot prescreening features, effortlessly route candidates to the best next step based on their responses.

Automated Compliance

Easily view audit trails and logs of text conversations with candidates. Provide text templates and a library of shareable documents to ensure consistent communication with no dropped conversations.

Utah Transit Authority Delivers with Intelligent Messaging 

“Being able to text message my candidate is gold. It helps me stay connected to them and if they need me they can also text me.” 

Violetta A., Senior TA Full Cycle Recruiter, Utah Transit Authority