Talent Acquisition Software for Healthcare Providers

Streamline Healthcare Talent Acquisition Activities

Attract, hire, and retain healthcare workers who will elevate the quality of care your organization provides.

Solve Critical Healthcare Talent Acquisition Challenges

Hiring and retaining healthcare talent is difficult. Jobvite’s Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite supports healthcare organizations in addressing their biggest challenges. Find more qualified talent, convert job seekers into applicants, and retain workers who boost levels of care.

Remove Recruiting Roadblocks & Streamline Efficiencies

Pinpoint where roadblocks exist in hiring top healthcare workers. Streamline your recruiting, onboarding, and retention efforts by leveraging automation and AI to eliminate bottlenecks and increase recruiter capacity.

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Get an All-in-One Solution From Your Trusted Partner

Deliver results across the entire talent acquisition lifecycle from a partner with expertise in supporting modern healthcare organizations. Leverage the all-in-one Jobvite Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite that scales as your hiring needs and complexities change.

Showcase Your Employer Brand as an Employer of Choice

With demand for healthcare workers expected to increase, organizations need to showcase their employer brand and engage candidates at scale. Deliver an exceptional candidate experience, convert more candidates into applicants, and keep talent longer with Jobvite’s comprehensive solution.

Need More Than A Point Solution?

Check out the Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite 

Tackle Your Biggest Healthcare Hiring Challenges

Build Your Talent Pipeline

Take a proactive approach and engage targeted healthcare audiences through Jobvite’s Recruitment Marketing capabilities. Attract passive and active candidates by location, speciality, or experience.  Ensure a seamless candidate experience that will set your healthcare organization apart.

Empower Recruiting Teams

Weave AI and automation into your recruitment strategy to save recruiters time and effort. Empower teams to focus on connecting and building relationships with healthcare candidates, while automating time-consuming tasks like sourcing, screening, and scheduling interviews.

Deliver Personalized Content

Keep passive and active healthcare candidates engaged with your organization and the hiring process by offering relevant, targeted content to maintain their interest. Send job seekers updates on job recommendations and future roles that fit their skills, interests, and experience.

Meet Candidates Where They Are

Communicate with on-the-go candidates wherever they are using Jobvite’s Intelligent Messaging solution. Deliver a modern, mobile-first experience that considers demands on healthcare workers. Leverage candidate texting and chatbots to stay available and answer questions 24/7.

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