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The prescription to solve your critical talent acquisition challenges

Recruiting and hiring for healthcare providers presents more challenges than most industries. Your mission to provide accessible, compassionate care to your communities is essential, and it’s up to you to find that talent. That mission will continue to get harder as healthcare hiring is predicted to grow by 15% through 2029. Jobvite knows the challenges you face and has a deep heritage in meeting healthcare talent acquisition needs. Our end-to-end suite provides all the capabilities you require to deliver powerful recruitment marketing, recruiting and onboarding solutions. 

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Jobvite’s Healthcare Recruiting Solution 

The Jobvite Talent Acquisition Suite Helps You: 

  • Promote an employer brand that matches your values-based culture
  • Build patient-centric talent pools for hard to fill roles like nurses
  • Streamline & automate your hiring process, reducing time-to-hire
  • Deliver a positive candidate experience
  • Personalize the onboarding experience to improve time-to-productivity
  • Uncover talent gaps, reduce bottlenecks and make informed recruiting decisions


Take a Closer Look at Our Products That Solve Your Healthcare Talent Acquisition Needs.

Recruitment Marketing

Instead of passively posting jobs and waiting for the right talent to come to you in a competitive healthcare market, Jobvite’s Recruitment Marketing tools allow you to think and act like a marketer. Curate a strong employer brand that attracts patient-centric, values-driven candidates and provides a seamless candidate experience from their first visit to your career site. Once you’ve attracted the right talent, build a robust proprietary database of healthcare talent segmented by specialty area and location that you can nurture for future roles. 

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Jobvite helps us recruit for hard-to-fill roles. Before Jobvite, it took us eight months to hire 72 therapists, with Jobvite we hired 63 in two months! This is the impact of our team using Jobvite to its full potential.

Steve Alexandra
Director of Talent Acquisition, AccentCare

ATS and Onboard

The Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite includes a powerful, easy-to-use applicant tracking system that leverages AI and automation to help you hire the best healthcare talent faster, smarter, and with confidence. Support the complex needs of healthcare staffing by automating time-consuming tasks and providing structure to hiring processes for recruiters, while acquiring patient-centric talent with the skills to deliver value-based patient care. With agility built in, your talent acquisition team can pivot and adapt to ever-changing hiring challenges to support the full continuum of care. 

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The leading end-to-end talent acquisition suite

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Intelligent Messaging

Intelligent Messaging is a text communication tool that accommodates on-the-go healthcare workers by allowing them to connect with recruiters in real-time throughout their candidate journey – whether they’re passive candidates in your CRM or active applicants in your ATS. With the highest read and response rates of any communication channel, text accelerates hiring and creates a modern, friendly candidate experience. Built specifically for the unique needs of TA and seamlessly integrated into all Jobvite solutions, Intelligent Messaging allows you to stand out from the crowd instead of getting lost in the inbox by connecting with busy healthcare professionals immediately where they are – on their mobile device. 

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Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite

The end-to-end suite to help your organization attract, engage, recruit, hire, onboard, retain, and promote from within. Includes recruitment marketing, intelligent messaging, ATS, onboard, and more!

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