Powerful Analytics

Make smarter, faster, data-driven hiring decisions

The unmatched depth of Jobvite recruiting data provides you with richer insights to make more informed decisions that deliver more predictable hiring results. The actionable analytics throughout the Jobvite platform drive better visibility, smart automation, and faster time to hire.

Actionable insights

Analytics is a standard, out-of-box offering to provide customers with a visual summary of the current state and health of talent acquisition. Our analytics are embedded throughout the suite as well as centrally displayed on a dashboard to help recruiters easily view trends, spot bottlenecks, and get to the source data in order to take immediate action.

Jobvite Analytics screenshot

Peer benchmarking

Predict and demonstrate your recruiting performance against your peers based on Jobvite’s database of 150M+ job seekers. Jobvite’s Company Quarterly Hiring Benchmark analysis provides context to compare quarter-over-quarter hiring performance with other organizations based on company size and industry.


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See the Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite in action.


Direct access to data

Get direct access to your recruiting data through our Data Exchange. The Data Exchange allows customers to access and integrate the raw recruiting data from Evolve TA Suite with data from other external sources for custom analytics and dashboards in external business intelligence tools. For example, customers might want to combine hiring data with employee performance data to measure the quality of new hires.

Want more?

Get real-time, reliable data for your entire hiring process across your existing HR tech stack, in single tool. Our Advanced Analytics is designed to help TA teams tell their talent data story. Turn data into action with out-of-the-box dashboards and automated alerts that identify issues in your talent pipeline. Fast and easy to deploy, Advanced Analytics requires no integration or implementation.