Data Security is Priority One

Jobvite is committed to providing the most secure technology to fully protect your organization’s data against online attacks and data loss. Our clients’ trust is of the utmost importance to us, so we ensure the highest quality security to keep your recruiting funnel running without a hitch.

Jobvite provides a wide variety of security features and services such as:

Jobvite was fully GDPR compliant before the May 2018 deadline. For more information, please read our GDPR blog post. Our platform is also SOC 2 and Privacy Shield Framework Certified.

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Jobvite’s Architecture

As a Jobvite customer, you don’t have to stress about maintaining the privacy of all the users and contacts within the system. Jobvite takes care of everything for you. Our platform has a multi-tenant architecture that logically separates customers’ data through access control that is based on company, users, and roles. Data is logically isolated and segregated, and access to data is only available through the application to ensure the utmost security and privacy. Our application has extensive ACL, RBAC, authentication, and authorization mechanisms that allow data access for authorized users only.

All sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is protected with at rest encryption based on the industry standard AES-256 cryptographic algorithm. In addition, Jobvite employs Separation of Duties (SoD) internal controls so that more than one person/role is required to access or modify sensitive data. All data access is logged to a secure read-only log repository for an additional layer of data security.

Release Cycle Security Measures

All new product launches as well as major, minor, and emergency patch releases are subject to a full static and dynamic code analysis before they are released. If any security issues are detected, then the code is modified to address identified issues. The code is pushed to production only after clearance is received from the security team.

All code changes and new developments are also analyzed and reviewed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Once the SMEs give clearance, code goes through rigorous QA test cycles before it is released to ensure that new product and feature launches or enhancements are 100% customer-ready.

Maintenance and Downtime

Jobvite is proud to boast an average of 99.9+% uptime. If you are unsure whether or not the system is down, then you can always check for the system status. Jobvite customers will receive sufficient in-application notice when Jobvite has scheduled a maintenance period; customers are not able to access the system at these times. This maintenance work usually occurs on Saturdays for up to three hours starting at 10 PM Pacific Time.

Amazon Web Services Hosting Platform

Jobvite chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) in order to give our customers the added assurance that their data is well-protected and that their recruiting environment is completely stable. AWS is Jobvite’s hosting partner for many reasons, including:

  • AWS allows our customers to scale quickly and provides a modern, cloud-based hosting platform matching Jobvite’s demanding requirements
  • AWS provides the same outstanding level of service to Jobvite that our customers expect from Jobvite
  • AWS provides unrivaled security and disaster recovery capabilities

AWS has been accredited under: