Top 5 Tips for Recruiting Top Talent on College Campuses

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College Mobile PhoneThere is stiff competition for the best candidates these days, regardless of your industry or the job description. Online tools like LinkedIn have made it possible for professionals to share their resumes, experience, and portfolios with the world, and competitive brands aren’t afraid to court top talent—even if they’re not looking to change jobs.

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Uniting the Team with Streamlined Mobile Recruiting

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JobviteMobileAppThe Jobvite native mobile app, that will be available in Q1 2016, has a host of new features designed to facilitate recruiting regardless of location or role. In fact, there will be a tailored experience created specifically for hiring managers and recruiters. Hiring managers who have a lot on their plate, but still need to give the final sign-off, are able to action on a candidate on the go and receive timely notifications to remind them when they need to jump into the workflow. Recruiters can then smoothly navigate in-person interviews by scheduling times, evaluating candidates immediately after an interview, and reaching out to them directly–all through the app.

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Jobvite Infographic: 2015 Recruiter Nation Survey

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Social-ImpressionsThe newly expanded 2015 Recruiter Nation Survey, formerly known as the Social Recruiting Survey, revealed many new insights into recruiters’ current priorities, expectations for the next year, and challenges they face when hiring top talent. Check out our infographic below for insights on how recruiters view selfies, spelling errors, or a lack of social presence.

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Dash(board) to the finish line!

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Jobvite Hire Home Page DashboardEver feel like recruiting is a race and you need to dash to the finish line, especially in today’s competitive market? Then you’ll love Jobvite’s new Home Page Dashboard available now for Jobvite Hire customers. Our completely reimagined dashboard not only presents relevant information to recruiters, hiring managers and employees, but also makes it easy for you to take immediate action on tasks that matter—so you can get in, get things done fast, and move on.

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Welcome to the 2015 Recruiter Nation, Formerly Known as the Social Recruiting Survey

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SelfieWhen we first began producing our annual Social Recruiting Survey at Jobvite, the use of social media in sourcing candidates was still an emerging concept — one that some even brushed off as a novelty. Fast-forward eight years later, and it’s safe to say that’s not the case — with 92% of recruiters leveraging social media networks as a part of their job, you’d be very hard pressed nowadays to find a recruiter who doesn’t maintain a social presence. It’s been fascinating to see the ways social recruiting has evolved over the years — from the variation of the preferred social channels, to recruiters’ shifting social media pet peeves, such as selfies, we’ve dug up plenty of interesting findings.

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Jobvite Leading the Pack, Says Forrester Research Report

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Adam Hyder, CTO

As CTO, overseeing the technology and product innovation at Jobvite, it’s incredibly rewarding to announce that Jobvite was named as a leader in the Forrester Wave™ report on Talent Acquisition Vendors. Forrester’s report  — which draws assessments from analysts, research associates, vendor response teams and customer references — is a highly respected evaluator of the leading software, hardware and service vendors. In addition to being recognized as a leader in our space, Jobvite also received the highest score among all companies considered in both “Current Offering” and “Strategy” categories.

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7 Benchmark Metrics to Help You Master Your Recruiting Funnel

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LinkedIn Meme

Today, I am excited to share recruiting industry benchmarks from Jobvite’s internal data. After analyzing Jobvite’s massive database of more than 50 million jobseekers and 10 million applications, we were able to aggregate the most common metrics that recruiters around the world use to assess their performance.

In this post, you’ll not only see the metrics, but also benchmark numbers and conversion rates – so you can compare and track your recruiting funnel health, efficiency, and performance.

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Jobvite Recognized as One of America’s Fastest Growing Companies for Third Straight Year

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Inc 5000The past three years at Jobvite have been marked by innovation and growth. And we’re honored to be recognized for it: for the third year in a row, Jobvite has been named by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest growing private companies. In an increasingly crowded and competitive SaaS market, Jobvite continues to maintain steady growth by supporting recruiters with the technology and insight they need to succeed not just today, but in the future.

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Jobvite Infographic: Employees with Benefits

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Employees With Benefits CropThink perks are the key to hiring your best talent? And if so, are you offering what appeals to your candidates?

Whether it’s the overly expected (ping pong), the underwhelming (casual dress), or the wildly extravagant (egg freezing), today’s workforce has some clear preferences when it comes to those added company incentives. Our new “Employees with Benefits” infographic below shows you the real data behind perks—so you can see for yourself if they’re worth it.

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11 Red Flags to Watch for During an Interview

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Step Brothers Job InterviewInterviewing is a fine art. Some questions, answers, and strategies are straight-forward, while other aspects of meeting with job candidates are more nuanced. Sometimes an answer or attitude sends up a huge red flag. Other times a comment or omission that seems insignificant can have much bigger impact, and it’s important to know what to watch for.

We talked to more than a dozen HR and recruitment professionals and business owners about what red flags they note during interviews.

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Online Recruitment 101: Jumpstart Your Online Recruitment Efforts

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LinkedIn MemeRecruiting has evolved dramatically over the past decade. The aged tactics of advertising in print publications or hanging a strategically-placed “Help Wanted” sign in the window no longer deliver results.

Part of the reason is that modern, highly-sought candidates are not usually active in the job market. Today’s candidates embrace social networks and the most current technology channels. It is up to hiring managers to learn how to best leverage those channels to attract the hidden candidate pool.

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How to Prevent Your Employees from Leaving: The 5 P’s

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Today’s young professionals feel more empowered than ever to find a job they love. That means they won’t hesitate to hop from one job to the next until they find the best fit.

Technology has enabled a nonstop job search. According to the 2015 Jobvite Job Seeker Nation Study, 45 percent of employees surveyed would switch jobs, even though they are satisfied with their current one.

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What Skills Does A Hiring Manager Need to Look For When Recruiting Marketing Talent?

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HipsterOfficeSmallThe world of marketing, more specifically the dynamics of the typical marketing department, has become increasingly complex, which has made it increasingly complicated to attract and recruit marketers who fit in well with the rest of your team. The skills required to effectively run a successful marketing department have evolved and, as such, the best candidates are quickly snapped up.

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