Onboard New Hires Faster. Retain Them Longer.

A centralized location for recruiters, HR professionals, hiring managers, IT and facilities personnel, and new hires to coordinate, communicate, and complete onboarding activities with ease.

Accelerate your New Hires’  Time-to-Productivity with Jobvite Onboard

Congratulations! You’ve successfully hired a new employee and now it’s your job to make sure that their onboarding experience is as great as their candidate experience. Jobvite Onboard is a comprehensive onboarding solution that makes their first few days, weeks, and months as engaging, efficient, and productive as possible–leading to long term job satisfaction and retention. And, that’s important because one out of every four new hires leaves within their first year, often citing a negative onboarding experience.


Seamlessly Transition Candidates into Employees

Because Jobvite Onboard is fully integrated with Jobvite Hire, our ATS, candidate data and onboarding workflows move effortlessly through the recruiting platform without making you login twice or spend money on complex integrations or maintenance.

Seamlessly Transition Candidates into Employees
Give Candidates a Warm Welcome - Jobvite Onboard

Give Candidates a Warm Welcome

The Jobvite Onboard new hire portal provides a warm, branded experience that showcases your culture with rich media and content that makes them feel right at home on day one.

Personalize their experience with customized onboarding workflows based on location, job type, department, and more. You can clearly define their role and responsibilities and point them to helpful resources that they need to become a fully ramped, productive employee.

Take Your Onboarding Mobile

The new hire portal is fully optimized for any mobile device so that new hires can complete forms and get the status on their onboarding activities at a glance. And, they can easily switch between mobile devices and a desktop and pick up right where they left off.

Take Your Onboarding Mobile - Jobvite Onboard

Put Task Management on Autopilot (Almost)

Staying in control and bringing consistency to your onboarding process is easy with pre-populated onboarding workflows that assign tasks to both new hires and employees, set deadlines, send alerts, track progress, and more. Say goodbye to missed emails or outdated spreadsheets.

Put Task Management on Autopilot (Almost) - Jobvite Onboarding

Go Paperless to Save Time, Money, and the Planet

We make your new hire paperwork requirements easier by prepopulating Jobvite Onboard with standard HR and employee verification forms such as I-9 (e-verify). State tax withholding forms are surfaced automatically based on the new hire’s location and can be completed digitally, eliminating redundant data entry and paper filing. With all of this in place, you can meet and pass your annual compliance audits.

Go Paperless to Save Time, Money, and the Planet - Jobvite Onboarding
Continually Improve Onboarding with Actionable Insights - Onboarding Analytics

Continually Improve Onboarding with Actionable Insights

With robust analytics and reporting capabilities, you can get an overview of new hires as they step through the onboarding process or go deeper into the details of each stage and correlate your onboarding processes with employee retention.

Key Features of Jobvite Onboard

  • Unlimited new hire portals and workflows to easily build and tailor new hire experience
  • Robust task management and in task communication to pinpoint and resolve issues quickly
  • Extensive forms library that contains hundreds of ready-to-use standard HR and government agency compliance forms
  • E-verify solution to streamline the employee verification process, ensure compliance and minimize risk.
  • State-of-the-art enterprise-grade security features that utilize best-of-breed monitoring, encryption, and data privacy technologies.

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