Jobvite Announces Texting to Further Drive Candidate Engagement

Powered by Canvas, New Capability Enhances Jobvite’s Comprehensive Recruiting Platform and Cuts Time to Fill in Half With Deeper Candidate Conversations.

SAN MATEO, CA, July 17, 2018—Jobvite (, the industry leader in best-of-breed recruiting software, is excited to announce an essential new capability to its enterprise-grade recruiting platform: Jobvite Text, powered by Canvas ( This powerful new technology offers customers an unparalleled advantage in the war for talent by allowing recruiters to easily start conversations with job candidates where they spend most of their time — on their mobile device.

The recruiting landscape is rapidly shifting and requires a modern, multi-channel approach to candidate engagement in order to stay top of mind. While the average open rate for email remains strong at more than 20 percent, mobile text commands a near-perfect 98 percent read rate. The speed at which the world moves today requires innovative tools that can keep pace with jobseekers’ growing expectations for instant, personalized interactions. Jobvite Text combines robust, industry-leading recruiting software with the best-in-class text-interviewing and engagement platform from Canvas, so recruiters can effortlessly engage candidates in a customized way through their preferred form of instant communication: mobile text.

“When it comes to fueling a company’s growth, talent is the single most important factor, providing the ultimate competitive advantage,” said Scott Day, senior vice president of people and culture at OpenTable. “To stay ahead of the competition, the recruiting process has to be quick, easy and painless for the candidate. I’m thrilled that our recruiters will be leveraging a highly integrated product from two of the leaders in the recruiting space to accelerate the process from screening to interviewing to hiring.”

Start Conversations with One or Multiple Candidates, All at Once and in Real-Time: Studies show that 95 percent of texts will be read within three minutes of being sent, with an average response time of just 90 seconds. With Jobvite’s new texting solution, recruiters can leverage the power of text to instantly engage both active and passive candidates on an individualized basis, or broadcast messages to entire groups of jobseekers. Hiring teams can even schedule texts in a sequence as part of their targeted recruiting campaigns to reach candidates where they’re most likely to respond.

Track and Report Engagement Metrics on a Deeper Level: Forward-thinking recruiters are already utilizing text messaging to reach the next generation of talent but have no formalized method to analyze or track their mobile recruiting efforts. Jobvite’s latest update places the power back in the hands of hiring teams: offering detailed analytics and actionable insights to help recruiters deploy strategic campaigns faster and more securely, and ultimately hit their hiring goals.

Reduce Time-to-Fill with an AI-Powered Chatbot: Tasked with managing a massive hiring funnel, today’s recruiters need efficient ways to sift through their talent pipeline. The Jobvite Text chatbot, powered by artificial intelligence, automates time-consuming candidate outreach, improving the jobseeker experience and allowing hiring teams to get in front of the best talent before the competition.

“This latest update to the Jobvite platform offers recruiters a must-have solution to engage candidates and immediately start a conversation, on their terms, within seconds,” said Jobvite Chief Product Officer, Robert Tsao. “With this new functionality, hiring teams can provide jobseekers with instant access to resources, eliminate time spent waiting for responses, and easily stay in touch over time in order to build lasting, authentic relationships.”

About Jobvite
Jobvite is leading the next wave of recruitment innovation with Continuous Candidate Engagement (CCE), a candidate-centric recruiting model that helps companies engage candidates with meaningful experiences at the right time, in the right way, from first look to first day. The Jobvite Platform infuses automation and intelligence into today’s expanded recruiting cycle to increase the speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness of talent acquisition. Focused exclusively on recruiting software since 2006 and headquartered in San Mateo, Jobvite has thousands of customers including LinkedIn, Schneider Electric, Premise Health,, and Blizzard Entertainment. To learn more, visit or follow us @Jobvite.

About Canvas
Canvas is the first text-based intelligent interviewing system that empowers organizations and recruiters to screen more job candidates and market employment brands. Recruiters have used Canvas to screen and engage tens of thousands of candidates across a variety of industries for positions ranging from machinists and welders to software engineers, sales professionals, physical therapists, nurses, pilots, customer service representatives and more. The enterprise-grade software platform is available as an iOS and Android mobile app and Chrome Extension. Canvas offers a subscription-based model and is scalable for companies of all sizes and in all industries. For more information, visit and follow Canvas on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.