We are Jobvite. We are a team of individuals united for a shared mission to help companies attract, engage, hire, and retain the talent that will help them grow and succeed.

We believe everyone deserves a great job, a great employer, and a great career regardless of their race, religion, color, gender, identity, age, location or creed.

We believe in equal opportunity for all and recognize that it is our ongoing responsibility to overcome the personal, cultural, and systemic biases—both conscious and unconscious—that create unequal playing fields. As individuals and an organization, we are committed to creating a workplace that welcomes, motivates, and inspires.

We are Jobvite, and we build the products that help companies hire talent without limits.

Our Goal Is to Help You...

Recruit with Purpose.

Talent teams should spend time with candidates who are most likely to become great hires. By combining the intelligence to facilitate and automate parts of the recruiting process and your team's insight, knowledge, and intuition, recruiters can spend time on the things that matter most.

Hire with Confidence.

With AI inherent in our platform, we work alongside recruiters to engage with the right candidates from the best sources. We've seen the magic transformation that happens when a great hire turns into an invaluable employee, and we believe that it all starts with a trusted, transparent partnership.

Winning teams choose Jobvite

Why are thousands of recruiters using Jobvite everyday to recruit the best candidates to grow their companies? We’ve talked with our customers to ask that question, and here are the top 10 reasons why they choose Jobvite to attract millions of applicants.


“I’m a huge fan of Jobvite, between the platform and the people it is just an amazing offering.”

-G2 Reviewer, Administrator in Computer Software

G2 Momentum Leader Fall 2022

G2 Leader Enterprise Fall 2022Enterprise ATS

G2 Leader Mid-Market Fall 2022Mid-Market ATS

G2 Leader Fall 2022Recruitment Marketing

G2 Leader Fall 2022Candidate Relationship Management

G2 Leader Fall 2022Recruitment Platforms

G2 Leader Fall 2022Onboarding

TrustRadius Top Rated 2021

2021 Recruiter Nation Report

The 2021 Recruiter Nation Report gathered responses from more than 800 U.S.-based recruiters and HR professionals to learn what priorities and investments they are focusing on in this new recruiting landscape.


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