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2022 Talent Acquisition Planning Kit

Achieve hiring success in 2022 with step-by-step workbooks

The last year saw constant change in the talent acquisition landscape, making it difficult to know where to begin preparing for the new year in recruiting. That’s why our experts at Jobvite have created a series of worksheets as a tool to help you improve your TA strategies, take stock of your current programs, and make data-driven decisions to get better results from your future processes.


2022 Talent Acquisition Planning Kit

This kit includes nine worksheets focused on the topics that will be a priority for TA teams in 2022.

Some of the workbooks included in the 2022 Talent Acquisition Planning Kit include:

  • Create a high-level strategy for a successful recruiting year
  • Develop candidate personas
  • Build targeted audience plans
  • Highlight the importance of D&I in 2022
  • Best practices for talent acquisition metrics in 2022

Download the kit today and get ready for what 2022 brings!