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7 Sourcing Hacks

Your guide to out-of-the-box talent search optimization

Sourcing in-house can take as much as 30% of recruiters’ time. Imagine how productive your team could be if they had at least half of that time back to focus on active candidates. Luckily, by getting creative with old school sourcing techniques, this is achievable.

Optimizing your tried and true channels with a modern approach can make a huge difference in how your team recruits. Hire for quantity and scale while saving time to focus on quality conversations with the right candidates by following these sourcing hacks.


Cover of 7 Sourcing Hacks

Sourcing in-house can take as much as 30% of your recruiters’ time. Today’s savvy recruiters need to think outside the box and add new techniques to their arsenal.

Ready to put some new ideas into practice? This ebook offers 7 unique sourcing hacks – all geared to optimize your talent search and get you noticed by the most coveted candidates, including:

  • Personalization
  • Utilizing social media
  • Optimizing referrals
  • Automation

Download the ebook to expand your talent search, accelerate your path to new prospects, and improve your hiring conversions.