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Building Diverse Talent Pools Through Audience Planning eBook

Deliver More Personalized Campaigns to Your Audiences

Get Actionable Strategies to Create Targeted Campaigns for Segmented Audiences

Audience planning empowers recruiting teams to segment candidates based on a variety of factors and then engage them with relevant content during their talent journey. But creating targeted campaigns can seem overwhelming at first. That's why we created the eBook on Building Diverse Talent Pools Through Target Audience Planning.

Download this resource to learn the essential steps for developing diverse talent pools, and get actionable strategies to start engaging and segmenting audiences for your recruitment marketing campaigns. Learn more about what audience planning entails and find out how you can:

  • Create targeted messaging campaigns for segmented audiences
  • Find the right channels for effectively engaging candidates
  • Execute targeted campaigns to attract a wider diversity of candidates
  • Better monitor results and improve future campaigns