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LinkedIn Recruiter + Jobvite

Integrate LinkedIn Recruiter with your Jobvite account to make your hiring process even simpler.

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Save 3+ hours per week with Jobvite and LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect

Designed to simplify the hiring process, the RSC integration with Jobvite enables recruiters to access real-time candidate information to make effective talent decisions and power unforgettable candidate experiences.

With LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobvite working together, you can:

Get the same candidate data in both Recruiter and Jobvite, saving you time and keeping you up-to-date wherever you’re working
View a candidate’s LinkedIn profile with Jobvite and easily see which candidates are already in your Jobvite account
jobvite-complianceSee all Recruiter notes and InMail messages in Jobvite for a complete view of your candidate interactions
Automatically create a profile within Jobvite when a candidate responds to an InMail message


Jobvite's ATS is proud to be the first applicant tracking system to provide our customers with all three LinkedIn integrations: Unified Search, Recommended Matches, and Apply Connect.


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