The Motivations of Today’s Workers & What It Means for Your Organization

In today’s dynamic job market, workers are making it clear what they want from employers — and they feel empowered to ask for it. With millions of available jobs, and talent seeking roles that better align to their own requirements, job seekers are leveraging their upper hand to secure new jobs, higher wages, and better benefits. As the priorities and expectations of modern workers continue to dominate the hiring landscape, employers must pinpoint how they can address these demands within their own organization.

Watch this incredible panel discussion with industry legends, practitioners, and leaders examining the framework for what is driving worker motivations today. Based on data from the 2022 Job Seeker Nation Report, this session will examine:

• Insights into today’s job seeker motivations
• How to succeed in today’s labor market
• What today’s job seeker motivations tell us about what to expect in tomorrow’s labor market

View this session to get practical insights and key takeaways that will help you navigate the most challenging hiring environment in modern history.