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The Jobvite Mobile Hiring Team App Makes Hiring Manager Bottlenecks Disappear

Jobvite’s Mobile Hiring Team app for iOS and Android is the perfect app for everyone involved in the hiring process. We all know that getting interview evaluations, and other decisions, from the hiring team is like pulling teeth. This application, free with Jobvite Hire, makes it easy to keep the interview trains on the tracks and decide yay or nay in just a few clicks.

Increase Hiring Velocity
Hiring has never been this fast. The app has time-saving, day-of-interview alerts, offer approvals, and more to make sure everyone plays their part—on time.

Empower Hiring Teams to Take Action
Engage the entire hiring team with mobile evaluation forms, quick and easy candidate profile reviews, and the ability to send Jobvites, to give them a sense of ownership.

Centralize Hiring Team Communication
Get everyone on the same page. Communicate with in-app messaging, share candidate profiles with any employee to gather informal feedback, and participate in conversations via candidate feed.


Yes, An App Really Can Save the Day

How many times have you fumbled the interview and a candidate then declined your offer. It just didn’t look like your company was organized enough to care about how the day unfolded. Don’t let it happen again. Keep your hiring team on the same page with tight real-time communication.

  • Send real-time interview schedules and day-of-interview alerts to make sure everyone is prepared and understands their role in the interview process
  • Take advantage of a powerful internal messaging system that pings your entire hiring team with interview details, ideas for questions, and areas where the next interviewer needs to probe
  • Get alerted if someone is running behind or ends early so that a candidate isn’t waiting alone

Managing Candidates on Mobile is a Thing of Beauty

With so many candidates in your queue, it’s important to stay ahead of the game and quickly determine whether they are a good fit or whether you should throw them back into your talent pool, because they may be a fit for a position down the road. This mobile app keeps the process moving.

  • Mobile-optimized candidate profiles provide a full view of the applicant’s skills and background
  • Candidate screening tool empowers you to notate whether or not an applicant is a good fit in a few simple clicks
  • Advance candidates to the next stage of your workflow to keep the process streamlined

Be the Mobile Master of Your Recruiting Tasks

It always seems like there are a million little things to do and it’s nearly impossible to feel caught up. The Mobile Hiring Team app lets you take care of those tasks so that you can focus on what’s important—continuously engaging candidates. Bottlenecks, be warned.

  • Configurable evaluation forms are easy to complete via mobile and ensure the hiring team has what they need to make fully informed decisions
  • Action-oriented activity streams help you complete pending hiring tasks while on the move
  • Complete offer and req approvals when you have a spare moment in between meetings

Referral Hires Are Your Best Hires

When it comes to hard-to-find talent, activating the social networks is the shortest path between you and incredible new employees, who statistically stay longer and are more successful than non-referral hires.

  • Jobvites empower you to send job invitations to any mobile app of your choice and text invites to individual contacts in your address book
  • Source tracking automatically tracks invites sent from the mobile app
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Kristen Barge - On24
Kristen Barge
Talent Acquisition Director, On24

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