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Collaborate with your entire hiring team from anywhere, at any time.

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Move candidates through the recruiting funnel from anywhere, at any time

– with one swipe of the finger on a mobile device.

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Ready to collaborate on each step of the interview process?

When employees are on the go, the last thing they think about is screening candidates or submitting interview evaluations, which can cause a disconnect among recruiters and hiring teams. That’s where we come in. The Jobvite Mobile Hiring Team App provides a space in which to communicate openly, get to your interviews on time, and weed out unqualified candidates – all while running to your next meeting. Jobvite Hire and Jobvite Platform customers can utilize the Jobvite Mobile Hiring Team App to keep all hiring teams engaged and ready to collaborate on each step of the interview process.

iring teams can now recruit on the go

Hiring Teams Can Now Recruit on the Go

Increase Hiring Velocity

Speed up your recruiting process with time-saving, day-of-interview alerts and schedules.

Everyone has an Opinion

Engage the entire hiring team with mobile evaluation forms and an internal messaging system.

Narrow Your Funnel

In just a few clicks, quickly qualify candidates for your open requisitions.

Key Features

  • Action-oriented activity stream to complete pending hiring tasks
  • Simple candidate screening tool to determine whether or not an applicant is a good fit
  • Robust, mobile-optimized candidate profiles to research talent on the go
  • Real-time interview schedules and day-of-interview alerts to ensure everyone is prepared
  • Powerful internal messaging system to ping your entire hiring team
  • Completely configurable evaluation forms to get the team’s input
  • Easy candidate profile sharing and simple collaboration feed to solicit informal feedback (posts, likes, comments) on the candidate.

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