2021 Job Seeker Nation Report: The Rise of the Optimized Workforce

In this webinar, Aman Brar, Jobvite’s CEO, Kerry Gilliam, Jobvite’s VP of Marketing, and Amber Ferrari, Marketing Manager at Jobvite share the results of this year’s Job Seeker Nation survey and what “The Rise of the Optimized Workforce” means for your 2021 Talent Acquisition strategy. Watch the webinar to understand how job seekers, employers, and recruiting decision-makers identify with:

  • How job market perceptions have shifted over the past year amidst COVID-19
  • The increase in stress and job insecurity among workers
  • Expectations for employers on D&I initiatives and COVID-19 precautions
  • The importance of company culture, employer brand, and remote work opportunities
  • The impact of the pandemic on working parents
  • The effect of the current job market on salaries and negotiations

Be sure to download the 2021 Job Seeker Nation Report