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Author: Kristen Hudson

Filling Hard-to-Fill Positions With Quality HiresSome of the most rewarding work a recruiter can do involves finding the right candidate for a position that is hard to hire for. It can be difficult to locate, target, and maintain contact with people...Read More
Mastering the Balancing Act of Tech and Human Touch in RecruitingToday, life revolves around technology. This includes peoples' personal lives as well as their professional lives. For recruiters, technology such as smartphones, text messaging, and social media can be tremendously advantageous for hiring. They make it...Read More
How to Make Great Candidates Come to YouRecruiting is increasingly competitive and challenging these days with it being so heavily an employee's market and with more recruiters operating than ever before. When it comes to finding the best candidates, it seems like a...Read More
Recruiting for Every Season: Discover the Best Time to Find the Best TalentYou are probably already aware that the weather affects moods. However, did you know it can affect hiring, too? People are always looking for work regardless of the season. The first six months of the year...Read More
Jobvite Introduces a Faster and Smarter Way to Schedule InterviewsThe average time to fill is 38 days, but top talent is off the market within just 10 days. Speed is the name of the game in recruiting. While one hiring team is sending back-and-forth emails...Read More
Four Famous TV Scenes That Showed Us What Not to Do in a Job InterviewGetting everything right in a job interview can sometimes feel like an impossible task with unattainable expectations. At times, it may even seem as though circumstances are somehow aligned against you once you have chosen a...Read More
How to Reach Candidates on the Top Social PlatformsGlobally, about 2.7 billion people use Facebook. LinkedIn has more than 575 million registered users. Regardless of the platform used, social media is an important tool for maintaining social connections. As evidenced by the fact that...Read More
How to Discuss Difficult Topics During Job InterviewsWork is important, and most people who find success are serious about their professional lives. It can be difficult to talk about the serious events that occur in our lives, especially in a job interview setting,...Read More
5 Things You Can Do Today to Take Advantage of the Busiest Hiring MonthThere's good news for recruiters: We're coming into the best time of the year to be hiring. According to the Head of Global Integrated Marketing and Communications for LinkedIn, the new season might be associated with...Read More
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