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Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Robot sidekicks. Oh my! We hear about these things every day and how they are going to make all aspects of our lives better. This sounds fantastic, but what does that really mean to you, your company, your customers, and your candidates? 

With all the advancements in AI and machine learning, these concepts and tools are moving from the realm of buzz words that show up in sales and pitch decks to serious capabilities that are changing how we operate on a daily basis. At Jobvite, we know talent and recruiting, but we also know AI and all the power that it wields. This makes us uniquely positioned to re-envision how we can use the best of tech to drive real business outcomes in the talent world. 


Jobvite’s Functional Approach to AI 

Our focus isn’t on building a killer app or programming a bot to remove the recruiter from any one portion of the hiring pipeline. We are integrating AI into every aspect of our application and process to help recruiters every step of the way, enabling our users to make better decisions faster and improving the experience for both the recruiter and candidates.   

We love this stuff and could easily spend hours talking about the awesome tech that we are employing, but that’s not the important part. What is important is how we use all these things to drive real business outcomes for our users. 


How is Jobvite AI helping recruiters? 

  • Find the best candidate across all channels: Instant candidate matching, ratings, and recommendations from all your sourcing funnels for every active requisition as soon as it’s posted. 


  • Spend money in the right placesSource optimization to ensure you’re spending your budget on the highest performing outlets, which will very likely be different based upon the type of job you’re listing. 


  • Keep candidates warm: Automated engagement workflows through drip campaigns that enable you to reach out to and keep candidates warm without spending lots of time planning and sending one-off communications. 


  • Natural Language ProcessingUnderstanding the content and context of all messages to gauge the candidate’s interest and fit without re-reading the entire message history. 


  • Sentiment Analysis: Engagement scores identifying interest levels of the candidates throughout their hiring journey. 


  • Reduced time-to-hire: That’s the goal, right? The above solutions help turn the dream of reduced time-to-find, engage, and hire candidates into a reality! 

Jobvite Helps Build Solutions that Work for You and With You 

Those are just a few examples of the way Jobvite is weaving AI into all aspects of the application in ways that can be used to meet our customers’ unique business challenges. When it comes to AI, we like to focus on how it improves the daily recruiting operations for all our customers.   

Stay tuned for more use cases, stories, and hot takes on AI from our team in the next couple of weeks, and if you want to know how AI can help your team focus on what’s most important for your candidates and business, drop us a line today!