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Author: Irv Naar

How Important is Recruiting in Healthcare?

Apple is among the largest corporations in the world. It has approximately 66,000 employees and most recently had 1900 open positions. Mass General Hospital is one of the top hospitals in the nation with approximately 26,000...

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Calling All Healthcare Recruiters: Can Your ATS Improve Your HCAPHS Scores?

How often have you considered your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in the same context as your hospitals HCAPHS scores? Can a full featured recruitment platform make a meaningful contribution to the improvement of those scores? The...

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Replace Usual with Visual – A Graduate Nurse Example

The reality is that the complexity and knowledge base necessary to be an effective patient care practitioner requires considerable on the job training, and health systems are thereby limited in the number of new graduate nurses...

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Nurse Recruitment: A Contact Sport

In recruiting parlance, openings for nurses are considered “evergreen” positions – positions for which there are always openings, and there will always be an ongoing need. Whether it is a hospital, an outpatient clinic, an ambulatory...

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