Jobvite Blog: Today’s Recruiting Trends

Author: Kelsey Moriarty

Use These Five Strategies to Screen Remote Candidates

Hiring in today’s labor market is complex and requires the best strategies, processes, technology, and services to keep up with uncertainty that exists in finding enough quality talent. On top of this, recruiting is now primarily...

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Here’s Why Ghosting Candidates Is So Spooky

It’s a frightening recruiting environment out there. Employers are still seeing significant challenges in finding qualified candidates in today’s tight labor market. The difficult hiring landscape has emphasized the importance of strong hiring programs and even...

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Which 10 Outdated Hiring Practices Are You Guilty Of?

Today’s job market has given employers considerable challenges when it comes to finding and hiring qualified candidates. The competitive labor market has driven companies to rethink their recruiting strategies and look to optimize their hiring practices....

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ICYMI: The Top 10 Stats Employers Should Know About Hiring in the Current Labor Market

Employers continue to face unprecedented challenges in the current hiring environment. Low unemployment, a strong job market, and job openings hovering around 11 million contrast the high profile layoffs and looming recession that regularly make news...

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When to Know If the ATS is No Longer Enough

This blog on how to assess your talent acquisition technology was originally published in January 2022. It was republished with updated data and trends in October of 2022. The latest unemployment rate is 3.5%, or roughly...

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What All Executives Need to Know About Hiring Right Now

The turbulent job market continues to put pressure on talent professionals to find and hire qualified talent. Significant challenges, including record levels of turnover and job openings have increased competition for employers. And most importantly, they...

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What Can Centralized Talent Acquisition Technology Do for Your Business?

It’s challenging now for employers and recruiters in the labor market. With nearly two jobs open for every job seeker, companies face fierce competition for talent, while also trying to retain recruiters. In fact, almost 1/3...

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What Recruiters Need in a Centralized TA Tech Stack

Recruiters are under extreme pressure to quickly find and hire qualified candidates during a time when there are nearly two jobs available for every job seeker. They need a solution that can manage the complexity of...

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How to Respond to an Uncertain Hiring Market with Talent Acquisition Technology

Recent data from the BLS has confirmed what we’ve all been experiencing in the labor market. While it’s still a great time to be a candidate, recruiting teams are more stressed than ever to quickly hire...

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