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Author: Kelsey Moriarty

The TA Tech You Need to Recruit and Support a Hybrid WorkforceRecruiters started 2022 with the challenge of quickly hiring top talent in a market that’s short of qualified workers. Talent acquisition (TA) teams have ramped up hiring activity, but some are stumbling at the gate due...Read More
LinkedIn Integrations Help TA Teams Find Talent During the Great ResignationWith over 18 months of dramatic shifts in the labor market, talent acquisition (TA) teams are remaining agile, adopting automation and AI strategies to fill roles with top talent quickly. That’s not to say it accomplished...Read More
When to Know If The ATS is No Longer EnoughIn November, the unemployment rate was down to 4.2%, and 4.5 million people quit their jobs that same month. That is a record high. Now is not a time that recruiters can afford to work with...Read More
The Top 12 TA Resources of 2021After a year of learning and knowledge-sharing among TA leaders and professionals, we’re feeling pretty prepared to take on 2022. Get your recruiting ready for next year with our top 12 resources for TA teams. This...Read More
5 Takeaways for Recruiters from Recruiter Nation LiveWe hope you were able to wrap up your year with some of the great info sessions and keynote speeches at Recruiter Nation Live. It was a day packed with TA professionals sharing lessons, stories, and...Read More
Our Top 3 Takeaways from the RallyFwd Virtual ConferenceOne of our favorite events of the year – the RallyFwd Virtual Conference – was this week and Jobvite was honored to join other leaders in recruitment marketing to discuss how to tackle current issues in...Read More
What Business Leaders Should Prioritize in 2022 for Better RecruitingWe recently released the 2021 Recruiter Nation Report, where over 800 recruiters were surveyed about their challenges, priorities, and wins in the current job market. It was no surprise to hear that companies are struggling to...Read More
Top Takeaways from the 2021 Talent Board CandE Awards Virtual ConferenceWe’re always honored to share our knowledge and tips with the Talent Acquisition (TA) community – which is why we loved the chance to speak at the Talent Board 2021 CandE Awards Virtual Conference. The conference...Read More
2022 Talent Acquisition Planning KitGet Ready for 2022 with the TA Planning KitThe past 18 months have brought constant changes in the job market, making it almost impossible to plan for the future. Increased candidate expectations and economic uncertainty have required recruiters to adopt agile strategies to stay...Read More
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