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When to Know If the ATS is No Longer Enough

This blog on how to assess your talent acquisition technology was originally published in January 2022. It was republished with updated data and trends in October of 2022. The latest unemployment rate is 3.5%, or roughly...

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13 Ways Talent Acquisition Can Stay Human in the Age of AI

What is one critical skill that talent acquisition professionals need to prioritize in the age of AI? To help talent acquisition professionals best identify and prioritize skills that are critical for success in the age of...

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What Recruiters Need in a Centralized TA Tech Stack

Recruiters are under extreme pressure to quickly find and hire qualified candidates during a time when there are nearly two jobs available for every job seeker. They need a solution that can manage the complexity of...

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How to Make AI Accountable: Why Ethics Matters in Recruiting

The hiring process shapes the world’s capacity for innovation, transformation, and accelerated progress across industries and geographies. It can also have a profound impact on the lives of individuals. That’s why it’s so important that we...

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Ready to Automate? Take the Quiz

Nearly every talent acquisition team is looking for smarter, faster ways to hire. And your team is likely no different. Getting more out of your recruiting efforts, while better nurturing candidates and leveraging your employer brand...

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Four Ways to Evaluate AI and Automation Recruiting Software

Did you know that experts estimate a global talent deficit of 85.2 million workers by 2030? Over the next decade, organizations will continue to feel the impact of this deficit and require more innovative technologies that...

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Deep Dive: Using Recruiting Automation to Enhance Your Hiring Efforts

With millions of available jobs in the U.S. alone, and candidates firmly in control of the labor market, organizations are under enormous pressure to fill open roles as quickly as possible. Resources are being stretched thin,...

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Anecdotal to Action: Today’s Biggest Talent Challenges and How to Solve Them

ADP® Meeting of the Minds 2022 brought business and talent leaders together to highlight last year’s successes and strategize on tomorrow’s opportunities. In my discussions with numerous business leaders, I saw two themes repeatedly raised at...

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Recruiter’s Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems

Businesses cannot survive without workers, and workers cannot come in without the process of recruitment. Without recruiters, your business cannot find qualified candidates to organize it. Hiring managers and recruiters together have a lot of work...

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