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13 Ways to Optimize Your Candidate Nurture Strategies

Nurturing candidates is a top priority to build a robust talent pipeline. What is one way you have adapted your candidate nurture strategy in 2022? To help you best optimize your candidate nurture strategies, we asked...

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How to Build Candidate Campaigns the Right Way

While the labor market continues its current trajectory with more than 11 million open jobs and two roles for every unemployed worker, now is the perfect time to reevaluate how you are nurturing candidates through your...

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Three Ways to Ensure You Don’t Turn Off Candidates in the Current Labor Market

The challenges employers face today have been intensified by an unprecedented labor market. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports two open jobs for every unemployed worker. With an estimated 11 million job openings, competition for talent...

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13 Important Touchpoints In a Candidate Nurture Funnel

What is one important touchpoint to consider in a candidate nurture funnel or sequence? To help you identify important touchpoints within your candidate nurture funnel, we asked HR experts, leaders, and practitioners this question for their...

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What Is Recruitment CRM and How Do You Use It?

The job market today is highly competitive for recruiting teams. Candidates are in the driver’s seat and are looking for employers who prioritize compensation, DEI, and employee wellbeing. They also expect recruiting teams to provide a...

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15 Questions to Help Improve Candidate Engagement

Nurturing candidates has one overarching purpose. To convert top talent into new hires for your open positions. By continuously engaging with candidates — whether passive or active — through multiple engagement strategies across the hiring journey,...

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Five Things You Can Do to Improve Your Seasonal Hiring Efforts

When the days are longer, and summer hiring season is in full swing, recruiters and talent teams are in the midst of an all-out blitz, seeking to attract the right candidates and doing their best to...

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12 Things to Include In Your Candidate Experience Survey

What is one item to include in your candidate experience survey? To help you determine what to include in your candidate experience surveys, we asked experienced recruiters and hiring managers this question for their best insights....

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Three Ways a Great Candidate Experience Delivers Recruiting Results

When you think of the candidate experience, what comes to mind? Does it include accurate job descriptions? An easy application process? Easy to schedule interviews? What about prompt feedback and communication at each stage of the...

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