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Is Your Career Site Failing You?

Career Sites that Sell Your career site is the embodiment of your employment brand and your company’s most powerful recruiting asset. When job seekers visit your company’s career site, they should instantly understand your company identity, personality, and values.

Your online presence is a job seeker’s first impression of what you offer as an employer. In fact, more than 50% of job seekers first visit a company’s online properties—website, social media sites, etc.—to gain insight on employer brand identity and company culture.

Yet many companies invest in beautiful and compelling corporate messaging and imagery on their website, but don’t extend it to their career site. Do you have a compelling career site that’s helping you attract top talent? One that paints an inspiring picture of not just your open jobs, but also fully represents your employment brand? If not, you’re not alone.

We’ve helped some of the world’s leading businesses—like Match, Rosetta Stone, and Zappos—transform their career sites from “eh” to excellent. And we’ve learned some valuable insights along the way. Here are some of our best practices for your career site makeover:

  1. Power up your employment branding. When job seekers look at your company’s career site, they should instantly understand your company identity, personality, and values. If your brand is not fully and engagingly incorporated into your career site, then you are missing a huge opportunity.
  2. Tell your story visually. One of the most important things your career site can accomplish is the visualization of life—not just work—at your company. Photos, illustrations, videos, and social media feeds can shape the story about your company’s culture, work atmosphere, and the opportunity offered.
  3. Write strong copy. The best-performing career sites feature engaging job descriptions that reflect the company’s brand, culture, and environment. What do you need to say to get top candidates excited about applying? And more importantly, how do you say it? Use a voice that speaks to your target audience.
  4. Be nice to your applicants. The last thing a prospect wants to do is go through a tedious, multi-step process in order to apply for an exciting job. The most qualified and in-demand people will be the least motivated to jump through hoops on your website, especially if they are already employed. Make sure your career site is easy to navigate, so that casual browsers don’t get lost on the way to apply.

Revamping your career site isn’t a “set it and forget it exercise.” As your employment brand evolves, so should your career website. The care and feeding of your site is an ongoing process, but one that is well worth the investment and will position you to attract top talent for many years to come.

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