How to Thrive at Home – Whether You’re Working or Simply Living.

Like it or not, we’ve all become homebodies since the coronavirus has forced businesses (like Jobvite!), families, and individuals to social distance, a.k.a. stay at home a lot. There have been a lot of great articles and guides written about how to best work from home, and that’s important! 

But there’s more to thriving during a shelter-in-place than being productive. It’s just as important to remain healthy, stay connected, and find ways to interact with the things you enjoy that will make this unusual time bearable, and dare we say, a little more enjoyable.  

Here are some tools and strategies that the Jobvite team are using to satisfy different personalities, working styles, and interestsWe hope you and your family can benefit from using them, too. 


For Nature-Lovers 

1) Invest in house plants – If youability to go outdoors is limited, bring the outside, in!  Try these decorative and oh-so-naturey succulents that can survive new plant owners and a quarantine. 

A cozy houseplant
You know you want one.

 Amazon, 3pcs Owl Succulent Pots with 3 Tier Bamboo Saucers Stand Holder – $16.99 


2) Check out some inspiring nature documentaries – With our HD tv’s, watching a nature doc can make it seem like you’re pretty much there. From region-specific docs about Africa to films about the world’s cutest animals, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and many other streaming services offer a fascinating look into the world around us.  


“Life always finds a way.” – Dr. Ian Malcolm

 Amazon, Check out mydomaine’s list of the best nature documentaries on Netflix. – Free for Netflix subscribers 


3) Venture outside (responsibly!) to a state park – States have different protocols for protecting its citizens against the coronavirus. But most allow and encourage their communities to go outside for a reprieve. State parks are a wonderful way to do that because there’s more space for people to roam responsibly.  

Park Collage
Go exploring!, Take a look at for a comprehensive list of state parks in every state. – Entrance prices vary per park, but many are offering discounted rates right now.  


For Those Committed to Health & Wellness 

1) Prioritize a good breakfast – With many households having parents, kids, and pets altogether, people don’t necessarily have more time on their hands. But there does tend to be a little more flexibility in our schedules for things like a healthy breakfast. Whether you want to treat your family to a scrumptious breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast or you want to include the whole gang in making homemade granola, now is a great time to start off the day right. 

Breakfast Sandwich
Double the breakfast, double the fun.

Amazon, Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Timer – $39.99 


2) Invest in home gym equipment – For some, the health of their physical bodies directly affects their mental and emotional health. With gyms being closed across many states, getting a workout in is not simply a luxury people are missing. It’s a necessity people are struggling to adjust to. Thankfully, virtual workout classes have closed the gap, and purchasing home gym equipment can go a long way to holistic health 

Weight Set
A weight for every occasion.

 Amazon, Dumbbell Set w/Durable Rack – $42.99 


3) Create a peaceful, tranquil space – Whether it’s a new desk for a home office space or soft, mood lighting for a living or bedroom space, it’s so important to create a calming space where you feel most at ease. And it doesn’t have to be big things! It can be something as small as a candle.  

Library Candle
Start reading a new book…or smell like you have.

 Etsy, Bookish Candles – Literary Candles – $13.45 


For the Helpers 

 1) Write letters or draw pictures for nursing home residents – Vulnerable populations like the elderly and those that are immuno-comprised are experiencing an isolation more extreme than most. That means they’re most in need of human connection and compassion. For people that have a talent for writing or drawing, creating something fun and mailing it to a local nursing home will brighten someone’s day. 

Send a card
Send a card and brighten someone’s day!

 Amazon, Motivational Quote Cards – $9.99 


2) Give the gift of food – Even though now is the perfect time to learn a new recipe or take aonline cooking class, it’s nice to take a break from cooking every once in a while. Consider supporting local restaurants by purchasing a gift card and sending it to a friend. Or take advantage of e-cards you can send via email.  

Gift card
Why make a meal when you can send one?

 GrubHub, GrubHub e-gift card – Add as much as you’d like! 


3) Plan a virtual get-together with colleagues and friends – Happy hours and viewing parties are a big part of our social fabric. And now, thanks to technology, we can eat meals, have a beer, and watch movies with our friends even while practicing good social distancing! Many people are familiar with using tools like Zoom and Google Hangouts at work, but now people are using them to plan virtual social hours.  

Friends that game together, stay together.

 Discord, Apps like Discord enable groups to play games together – Free 


For the Busy Worker Bees 

 1) Get a second monitor – Dual monitors have become the norm in many workplaces, and not working with one (or two, in this case) is one of the biggest complaints we’ve heard from people having to work from home for the first time. Thankfully, there are many options for buying a second monitor, from some that attach to your laptop to others you place on your desk.  

Acer Monitor
Two views are better than one.

Amazon, Acer monitor – $129.99  


2) Noise-Cancellation headphones – Top-notch headphones appear in nearly every “tips for working from home” list that you see and for good reason. Now that people are working at home alongside their partners and kids, it’s more important than ever to invest in quality headphones that cancel out all the noise. They can get pricey, but there are also a lot of good mid-range options. 


3) An ergonomically (and aesthetically) pleasing chair – For those working from home, it’s easy to find yourself sitting more than usual. It’s important to have a desk that’s comfortable and good-looking. There are numerous colors, styles, and price options to choose from on Amazon, Wayfair, and other online furniture stores. 

Modern chair
The author of this blog bought this chair…top 10 purchases of the year.

 Amazon, Art Leon Vanity Chair, Modern Beetle Shell Velvet Upholstered Chair – $99.99


If you’re a recruiter working from home, please feel free to check out our free “Guide to Remote Recruiting. In the guide, we walk through the best practices for working and recruiting from anywhere in the world.  

And, whether you’re a recruiter or not, we’re here to help with any of your talent needs, so feel free to reach out to us with any questions.