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Our Top 3 Takeaways from the RallyFwd Virtual Conference

One of our favorite events of the year – the RallyFwd Virtual Conference – was this week and Jobvite was honored to join other leaders in recruitment marketing to discuss how to tackle current issues in the labor market. Here are our top takeaways.

Top takeaways from the RallyFwd Virtual Conference

1. Competitive compensation is key to finding and retaining top talent.

The labor market today is still experiencing a shortage of qualified talent, especially in the hospitality, healthcare, and retail industries. It’s a candidate’s market and they have high expectations for employers. The 2022 Recruitment Marketing Trends session hosted by Andrew Flowers, Labor Economist at Appcast, dove into the current labor market and how candidates have the upper hand in job negotiations.

Flowers shared that the quit rate for roles in the market is at around 3% on average and is at an all-time high in industries such as healthcare, hospitality, and retail. As a result, companies across the board are facing the need to increase their compensation levels to not only attract but retain top talent. There is so much opportunity in the market that even beyond just monetary compensation, companies need to showcase a strong employer brand and culture. Companies that do this the best will be the most successful in recruiting next year.

2. Your recruitment marketing and employer brand should have a dedicated budget.

Successful recruiting in 2022 revolves around recruitment marketing and employer branding. Candidates in the market want to know why they should choose your company over competitors. The session on Employer Brand Strategy led by Bryan Adams, CEO and founder of Ph.Creative, dove into ways that successful talent acquisition teams are winning with recruitment marketing.

Adams shared that the recruiting teams that are winning top talent have a strong employer brand and are investing in recruitment marketing efforts. A strong employer brand should show candidates the benefits of working for an organization and interest them in learning more. A session on Adapting to the Hybrid Candidate Journey hosted by Talemetry customer, CDW, shared the importance of investing in tools like career sites and an ATS to optimize the candidate journey and improve your employer brand.

Use your employer brand to attract top talent and keep them engaged during the recruiting process. Recruiting teams that hope to be successful next year should not only be dedicating time, but also budget dollars to recruitment marketing tools and employer brand development. Dedicating money to ad spend for job postings, paying for social media advertising, or upgrading your career site could all further recruiting marketing efforts.

3. Reduce candidate ghosting with proactive communication, automated messaging, and an optimized hiring process.

Candidate ghosting has become a big concern for many recruiters as employers are competing for the attention of a small pool of qualified talent in the market. So, how can you prevent being ghosted by a candidate when you’re interested in them? A session on Lessons from Healthcare Recruitment led by Paul White, Director of Recruitment Operations at Kindred at Home, had some great tips for improving your recruiting process to combat candidate ghosting.

  • Utilize automated tools to engage candidates at key points in the recruiting process – Recruiters are using tools like texting and chatbots to engage and screen candidates from the very first interaction on a job posting. This keeps them informed and engaged, keeping your job posting top-of-mind for candidates.
  • Optimize your hiring process to save time and money – Save time and money in your recruiting process by optimizing with automation and other strategic tools. This optimized recruiting process will keep candidates moving smoothly through the funnel and ensure they have a great experience.
  • Proactively communicate with candidates – Keep applicants informed on what to expect from your recruiting process. Proactively engage with candidates to ensure they know they can expect to hear from you. And then follow through! Update them with information like where their application is in the process or when to expect a decision after a final interview.

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