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HR Tech 2020: Top Takeaways from Jobvite

Real insights from this year’s virtual conference

While nothing can (yet) truly replicate the experience of an in-person conference, this year’s HR Tech virtual event was packed full of valuable content — presented in engaging, innovative ways. Jobvite hosted a number of sessions throughout the week, so we wanted to share a few key takeaways in case you weren’t able to join us.

Imagine: The Future of Talent Acquisition

In one of the most unique and compelling sessions of the event, Jobvite CEO Aman Brar brought together more than a dozen of the top minds in talent acquisition to share their vision for the future. Here are just a few of their insights.

Imagine… a totally new interview experience
Torin Ellis, diversity strategist and host of “Career Mix” on Sirius XM, asked us to imagine an interview process that takes advantage of all the technology we have available to us today. In this future, organizations will figure out how to layer AR and VR into the current one-dimensional interview experience, to provide candidates with more useful and contextual information that enhances their experience and helps them make more informed employment decisions.

Imagine… career sites that deliver true candidate value
Michael Wright, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Group M, described a future where career sites go beyond the transactional to deliver real value to every candidate. He shared examples like Kaggle, which built a community of more than 5 million data scientists by sharing large data sets and setting up both individual and team competitions. Not only does this create a sense of community, it allows the company to put potential candidates’ skills to the test in a fun and creative way.

Imagine… candidates who are engaged before they apply for a job
Aptitude Research founder Madeline Laurano invited us to imagine a future where candidates are more like today’s consumers — where they feel informed and connected to a company even before they apply for a job. The good news is, modern recruitment marketing platforms are already helping teams toward achieving this goal, through engaging career sites, talent analytics, CRM, and talent communities. Talent acquisition teams that optimize their use of RM platforms have an opportunity to make this future a reality.

Tomorrow’s TA, Today: The AI, Analytics, and Automation Top 10

In this session, Jobvite’s VP of Analytics & Machine Learning Zach Lander explored the top 10 ways that AI and automation can increase recruiter productivity, efficiency, and overall success. Special guests Morgan Llewellyn (Jobvite’s Chief Data Scientist) and Dwaine Maltais (CEO of Talentegy by Jobvite) joined the session to share their insights.

Here are just a few of takeaways from the countdown:

#10: Improve the candidate journey
Research shows that more than two-thirds of candidates who have a negative experience won’t engage or apply for a job with that employer again. But you can’t optimize what you can’t measure! Jobvite provides deep analytics into points of friction along the candidate journey, so you can identify, understand, and improve what’s not working.

#7: Hire more qualified candidates
The best way for talent acquisition to provide value to an organization is by hiring great candidates. By mapping skills and other qualifications to candidate resumes, AI-powered tools can help teams to identify which candidates are the most qualified and most likely to succeed in a given role — freeing up talent pros to engage with those top candidates.

#5: Source better candidates
It can be really hard to maintain accurate records of thousands of past candidates and figure out whether they might be a match for newly open roles. AI can help by monitoring your candidate database and automatically scanning for the skills and qualifications that match your open roles.

#2: Demonstrate results
To raise the bar on your TA program, you have to be able to show tangible results. In order to do that, you need to set objective measurements, monitor your progress, and then extract the insights that tell a compelling story — backed by data. AI-powered analytics tools can help make that happen.

EVOLVE in ‘21: 2021 TA Planning Begins Now

This session provided a guided tour of Jobvite’s free online assessment tool, the EVOLVE Talent Acquisition Framework. The session included contextual information about the assessment and how it works, as well as a live “demo” of the tool featuring fictitious company Black Bear.

Following are a few key learnings from this session.

  • The EVOLVE TA Framework helps companies evaluate their level of maturity across the three “pillars” of modern talent acquisition: Recruitment Marketing, Applicant Management, and Talent Operations.
  • Questions within the analysis cover topics like audience segmentation capabilities, on-site conversion options, requisition process, offer process, and technology integrations, to help companies understand the strengths and weaknesses of their talent acquisition efforts.
  • Most companies today stand at a Level 1 or Level 2 of talent acquisition maturity. At Level 1, processes are ad hoc and manual, with no technology involved. At Level 2, companies are developing but disconnected — they have begun to adopt technology, but there’s little to no integration.
  • Level 3 is the point at which companies become more integrated and efficient. Reaching this level takes work, but is achievable for most organizations. Level 4 is highly advanced, with a single, integrated technology ecosystem.
  • In general, advancing through the maturity levels requires companies to learn how to identify, prioritize, and nurture key talent audiences. They also need to move from fragmented use of technology — or no technology — to a fully-integrated set of tools that support the end-to-end talent acquisition process.

If you’re interested in learning more about your organization’s talent acquisition maturity, you can take the 10-minute assessment for yourself.

HR Tech 2020 was so successful, they’re planning a FREE online event in March 2021 — so you don’t have to wait a whole year to get more great insights like these. Sign up for the Spring Technology Conference & Expo now!

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