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2018 Recruiting Benchmark Report: How Do You Stack Up?

Is your recruiting strategy on par with the industry? Are you looking for new ways to help your team reach their targets? Do you need industry data to justify investment in certain aspects of your recruiting funnel?

We’ve got your back—with the 3rd Annual Recruiting Benchmark Report.

Our latest report is based on quantitative and qualitative analysis of 2017 data from Jobvite’s massive database of more than 55 million job seekers and 17 million applications. It’s packed with data, and as you’ve come to rely on, strategic advice and “pro tips” to help you measure, improve and optimize every step of the funnel.

Take a look at how the funnel has changed over the last three years:


When looking at the 9% increase in overall Interviews to Offers conversion rates, it’s clear to me that companies are becoming more efficient by leveraging data, AI and automated workflows to focus on candidates who are a better fit. This allows them to conduct fewer interviews to get to the right hire. As you’ll see in the report, this improved efficiency is impacting several stages of the recruiting funnel.

Here’s a peek at what else is inside:

  • Year-over-year benchmark data by company size, by revenue, by source of applicants and hires, and by industry
  • Performance metrics for the best companies out there—from rankings like the Inc. 5000 and Fortune 500—so you can compare, aspire and grow
  • Top 10 ways to apply a Continuous Candidate Engagement strategy to create efficient recruiting processes and drive improved conversion rates throughout the funnel
  • Next steps to help you improve measurement and collaboration to reach and exceed your hiring goals

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Hiring and retaining the best talent is the reason why companies win. And you—recruiters, sourcers, talent professionals, who bring the talent to your organization—are the most crucial function of your business. This is why I enjoy putting this report together every year. It provides you with the insight and credibility to boost your organization’s success. The numbers and actionable advice will help you measure where you are, where you want to be and how to get there. Whether you’re just starting with data, you are already a data-driven organization, or you want to become more data-driven, this report is for you.

We’d love to hear from you. Let us know how the metrics compare with yours, how you’ll use this benchmark data, and any advice you may have for other recruiting organizations. Share your comments on Twitter: @jobvite #recruitingbenchmark.