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Enterprise-Grade Security and Product Enhancements

As a company, we do a lot of listening—particularly as we continue to grow our mid-market and enterprise customers who have a very specific list of core requirements. In addition to reviewing feedback routed through our Customer Success team and in the community, I also meet with our Customer Advisory Board on a quarterly basis; we use all of that input to help us make product roadmap decisions. The capabilities we’ve announced today stem directly from that customer feedback. We thank you for your input and for your help making Jobvite an even more strategic and powerful recruiting platform to help you meet—and exceed—your hiring goals.

Today, I’m proud to announce a new set of enterprise-grade product enhancements designed to meet the full talent management needs of our customers. For us, “enterprise-grade” means that we’re enhancing the scalability and performance of the Jobvite platform, and delivering features and functionality designed to support organizationally complex companies with sophisticated and varied hiring needs.

The Only Best-of-Breed Recruiting Platform That is SOC2 Compliant

Security is top of mind particularly with the number of high profile threats and security breaches that seem to make the news on a weekly basis. To support and protect the integrity of your operations, we have invested in making the the Jobvite platform fully SOC2 compliant at the application and data layer—we are the only best-of-breed recruiting platform to provide this type of application and data security. As recruiting professionals, you deal with sensitive and confidential information everyday—
information that bad guys and hackers consider to be valuable. Jobvite’s SOC2 compliance means that the Jobvite platform has been certified to provide the highest level of security to protect against the most insidious threats.

Learn more about Jobvite Security.

Powerful Search That Delivers Exactly What You’re Looking For

The ability to search within Jobvite is absolutely essential, particularly for large companies that have huge databases of tens of thousands of candidates. The ability to search in an intuitive, granular way to find specific candidates is critical to streamlining and simplifying the way you manage your recruiting and hiring. In our latest product release, that will roll out to all customers in the coming months, we’ve made major changes to our search infrastructure, based on state-of-the-art Elasticsearch technology, and to the user interface to make our search capabilities easy to use and more like search capabilities in your commonly used apps, like LinkedIn.

Take a peek at the new search interface.

Glean Recruiting Insights By Exporting Data into Business Intelligence Systems

Reporting and analytics has become absolutely critical to demonstrating the success of your recruiting program. After all, if you don’t have access to recruiting and hiring data, then there’s no way to analyze what’s working (or not) with your program. That’s why we continue to add new and enhanced reporting features.

The latest product release now includes a Jobvite connector to Domo business intelligence software that allows you to integrate your Jobvite data with any source of data across your entire organization, and bring it into the Domo platform. Look for more connectors to other business intelligence platforms coming soon.

Learn More in the Domo Marketplace.

Keep Sensitive Requisitions Confidential

Not all requisitions are equal. In some cases, organizations want the ability to restrict access to certain requisitions to only the immediate hiring team—particularly if it’s a sensitive situation, like a replacement hire or a significant C-level hire.

Our customers have indicated that they need additional control and security around requisition visibility and that’s now available in the latest release. Jobvite admins can now decide which roles, and individual people, in their organization will have visibility into the requisitions that are designated as “limited access” or confidential. And they can specify in the system confidential requisitions can (or cannot) be published to external and internal career websites and job boards.

Of course, all of this comes on the heels of our collaborative hiring announcement we made earlier this month. We have many more exciting things coming up at the beginning of 2017. In the meantime, leave your thoughts in comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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