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Our Top 5 Takeaways from the RallyFwd Conference

We joined the TA community to hear the latest in employer branding, candidate experience, recruitment marketing, and overall TA technology at the RallyFwd Conference on May 5th. You can visit their website linked above to see the sessions on-demand, but in case you’d like a “Cliff’s Notes” version, we’ve compiled our top five takeaways from the event. Keep reading for what’s new in Recruitment Marketing, what you should focus on in 2021, and even how to keep employees connected during remote work.

Our Takeaways

1. Target Your Audience

Now more than ever, candidates are savvy in their job search. They want to receive the right message at the right time that’s applicable to them. Gone are the days where you could send one mass message to your entire contact list! If you’re working on your recruitment marketing (And you should be), utilize your CRM to target message your audience. Build targeted message campaigns to engage your pipeline and keep their interest in your employer brand.

2. Content is King!

Engaging candidates and clients is important in building your employer brand and recruitment marketing strategies. Content is a way to show your thought leadership, company culture, diversity and inclusion, and brand message to the world. Whether you focus on a blog, social media, a career site, or all the above – content will be king in 2021. And don’t forget to optimize your content for mobile devices!

Tony Prudente from Brother USA shared, “Make sure that you are focusing on a combination of human-centered storytelling and mobile-optimized content.” Sharing stories that center around your employees helps build your employer brand as well as engage candidates in your community. Tony reminded us to create goals and benchmarks on content to ensure repeated success in your strategy.

3. Keep Employees Connected

Whether you’re continuing remote work, moving to a hybrid schedule, or moving everyone back to the office – employees need to build relationships and connect. Foster ways to keep your teams connected, whether it be virtual lunches, game nights, or even small group coffee chats. Use technology like messaging and video conferencing apps to keep employees connected, provide support, and strengthen relationships. Connection is the key to a strong and supportive culture.

In one session, Emily Rutt from Nestlé USA shared that during the virtual pivot, their team saw that not being able to connect with colleagues in person was a barrier for candidates in changing jobs. Nestlé re-purposed an existing cultural connection program called Nestlé BFFs to be all virtual. This allowed employees to get to know their coworkers and share stories through video conferencing! They also offered a virtual series for sharing work from home tips – from dealing with cat allergies to making groceries last longer.

4. D&I is Here to Stay

Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic in the world of TA – but it’s not just a trend! Like a muscle, your D&I program needs to work to get stronger. This means a long-term commitment to your program as well as a commitment to continuous improvement. Annie Lin from Lever shared three DEI approaches that were impactful in moving the needle in her experience:

  • Put as much focus on data and goal setting as you would any other business need
  • Prioritize building DEI into existing processes and programs
  • Make small moments part of your strategy

Keep hosting educational sessions, speaking with experts, and holding conversations with employees in your company. But also focus on analytics and goal setting to continue process improvements. Finally, be sure that you are fostering a place where everyone feels not only accepted but included, no matter their identity!

5. Work on Your Employer Brand

Employer brand continues to be an important factor in recruiting and hiring top talent. Your employer brand reflects your company’s culture, values, and diversity to the world. Candidates look at employer brands during their research and want to see a well-defined message – and the companies with great employer brands benefit the most. Getting started on your employer branding efforts can be as easy as sharing employee stories on social media, updating your career site, or even creating some D&I content to share. Continue to improve your branding efforts by tracking and analyzing the results of campaigns and messages.

Final Thoughts

We were excited to hear about the latest in talent acquisition and HR tech at the RallyFWD conference! These takeaways are just a few of the points brought to sessions on May 5th. For more on the latest in HR Tech and Talent Acquisition, read our Blog and Resource Library!