Ingram Micro Streamlines Its Recruiting With the Jobvite Platform

Ingram Micro is a successful global business with over 32,000 employees and a presence in 54 countries around the world. Because of its global reach, the supply chain and technology company ended up utilizing several different ATS systems, with some offices not even having one. This caused a unique set of obstacles for the company. Blake Wettstein, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition Programs for Ingram Micro, has stated that the company was totally unaware of how many open positions they had. This is where Jobvite and its talent acquisition software came in to help.

Applicant tracking systems are used to solve myriad issues with recruiting and monitoring new talent in order to keep the HR pipeline flowing smoothly. Jobvite has successfully deployed our ATS tracking system to businesses of all sizes and industries. If you’re unsure whether an applicant tracking system is right for your organization, check out this Ingram Micro case study.

In-Person Deployment

Companies may become successful enough that there comes a time when the demand for their services extends beyond their current ability to reach said demand. Ingram Micro provides technology services to businesses around the world. However, with such an expansive network, they were experiencing difficulty in the efficient management of their recruitment system. They needed a partner to address issues in the logistics of ensuring that supply accurately met demand in every link of the chain. To develop and centralize his company’s talent, Wettstein worked with Jobvite and personally deployed the Jobvite recruiting platform to each office to introduce recruiters and hiring managers to the new application. This helped Ingram Micro streamline its recruiting process.


Ingram Micro also needed help with sourcing. They wanted to be able to track the number of referrals they got from sites like Facebook. In order to continue filling positions at an equivalent rate to their growth, Ingram Micro realized they would need to make this change rapidly to prevent any residual losses. They were referred to Jobvite by one of their subsidiaries that had previously worked with them. Jobvite helped by providing software that tracked top sources using a single platform to improve recruiting and spending decisions. Ingram Micro quickly discovered they could handle their large-scale rollout and moved their timetable up from 13 months to just six months.

The new software as a service (SaaS) was precisely what Ingram Micro was looking for because it was easily integrated and scalable, and it provided centralized access to pinpoint data from across their domain. Ingram Micro was now able to identify who their applicants were and where they were coming from, which meant they could compare their efforts in different directions to boost efficiency and diminish costly waste.

Overall Benefits

According to Wettstein, Jobvite helped Ingram Micro simplify their application process. The company was able to increase their pool of candidates by 40 percent. Ingram Micro realized a greater potential yield in their hiring process and provided more manageable control through reports and mobile integrations. This was especially important for Ingram Micro as an industry leader in efficient worldwide transport and supply. In just over a year, career site traffic for the brand went up by 186%, and the company now has a superior overall picture of its candidate pipeline.