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Celebrating Emojis: How Emojis Have Made Recruiting Fun AND More Effective

Who doesn’t love seeing a 😂, 😊, or even a 👏 in a text response? Can you beat the instantaneous feeling of relief and satisfaction you get in seeing a positive emoji response, knowing that your message landed?

It’s crazy to think that it wasn’t long ago that, both in our personal and professional lives, we would send an email full of sensitive information, or just plain full of feelings, and then we’d agonize for hours (ok, some of us may have obsessed a couple of days) at the inevitable email response: an overly polite, painfully cordial, confusing message. At least, that’s how we interpreted it. Then, we’d gather our most supportive co-workers around the watercooler and proclaim, “I wish there was a way to really know what Nancy meant by that snarky period!!”

Little did we know that an artist in Japan was working on solving this exact problem. And we definitely couldn’t have foreseen how emojis would shape our digital world and change modern communication.

And when it comes to how emojis are used in recruiting, the initial response to emojis was, “This is fun! But can we use it in recruiting and HR?!” The rise of text-based interviewing and the emergence of social recruiting prove that, yes, you should definitely use emojis in recruiting conversations, and they are more than just a feature that brings some personality to what can be a dry and awkward pre-screening process (though that’s a big benefit!).

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