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How to Adapt to the Future of Recruiting

The Future of Recruiting

The rules of recruiting are changing. The current labor market demands that the recruiting industry evolve as candidates’ wants and needs evolve as well. At present, the U.S. is experiencing a 17 year low for unemployment, the average time-to-fill for jobs across all U.S. industries has been steadily climbing since 2009 and almost 60 percent of recruiters say they can't find qualified candidates. With recruiting more challenging than ever, sticking with the status quo is a death sentence. These challenges will be impossible to overcome without the adoption of new tools, new practices and learning from leaders in the industry. It is time to adapt to the future of recruiting, recruiting automation.

Recruiting automation isn’t something out of the Jetsons, this is a real solution that allows companies to automate recruiting tasks and workflows so they can increase recruiter productivity, accelerate time-to-fill, reduce cost-per-hire and improve the overall talent profile of their organizations. Leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics allow recruiters to act more strategically than ever before and drive more impact within their organizations.

In a market where recruiters are spending 13 hours a week sourcing for a single role and a signed offer is no longer the finish line, recruiting automation is surfacing as a critical solution that will allow recruiters to remain competitive and ensure their company doesn’t suffer from a lack of pipeline, or worse, lack of staff.

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