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How to Best Support User Adoption When Launching New Recruiting Software

According to a LinkedIn report, 68 percent of recruiting professionals believe the best way to improve hiring performance over the next few years is to invest in new technologies. Leveraging talent acquisition software, like the Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite, is one key difference between successful and unsuccessful recruiting teams in 2022. It is a primary element in unlocking productivity and scaling for growth. More...

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Why Emerging Businesses Should Utilize an ATS

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) like the one from Jobvite are among the most powerful recruitment tools in business today. That doesn’t mean they’re only for big companies, though. Emerging businesses can also benefit from using Jobvite...

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Recruiting Success Through Smarter Job Advertising

The rise of programmatic advertising has been at the center of revolutionizing the online advertising space. Now programmatic technology is doing the same in the recruitment industry. Finding the best candidates takes research, time, and effort...

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Mark Your Calendars for These Virtual Recruiting Events

‘Tis the season of events! We’re closing out 2021 with two incredible, and FREE, virtual gatherings for recruiters this month. On Tuesday, December 7th at 12 PM EST, we’ll be hosting our annual Recruiter Nation Live...

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What Business Leaders Should Prioritize in 2022 for Better Recruiting

We recently released the 2021 Recruiter Nation Report, where over 800 recruiters were surveyed about their challenges, priorities, and wins in the current job market. It was no surprise to hear that companies are struggling to...

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Top Takeaways from the 2021 Talent Board CandE Awards Virtual Conference

We’re always honored to share our knowledge and tips with the Talent Acquisition (TA) community – which is why we loved the chance to speak at the Talent Board 2021 CandE Awards Virtual Conference. The conference...

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3 Ways Automation Can Help Convert Candidates to Happy New Hires

Speed and efficiency are critical in talent acquisition – especially when you’re under pressure to fill open roles in a tight labor market. Talent teams everywhere are looking for new ways to streamline processes, eliminate barriers,...

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Want to Increase Candidate Conversion? Here are 3 Ways to Make Applications Faster and Easier

There’s no question that the current employment market is tough for talent acquisition pros. In August 2021, there were 11 million job openings in the US – nearly twice the open positions reported a year earlier....

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How to Reopen Your Business After COVID-19

Preparing to reopen your business after COVID-19 can be challenging. You want to protect your employees and customers, but you want your services to be accessible. At Jobvite, we’re always thinking of new ways to help...

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A Guide to Hiring Military Veterans for Civilian Roles

Each year on Veteran’s Day, we pause to honor the contributions and sacrifice of military service members and their families. This year, that group includes thousands of military veterans returning home after the end of active...

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